• Certified psychotherapist and coach with 8+ years of experience
    • I work with people who care about quality of life and value their time
    • I keep all conversations confidential
    • Available in Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Skype etc.
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    • Researchers in US and Switzerland have proven high effectiveness of online sessions
    • Saves time, no need of travelling 
    • You don’t pay for therapist’s office rent
    • 100% money back guarantee for the 1st session
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    • Find out roots of your psychological problems
    • Highly effective short term therapy I use helps you to see results from the first sessions
    • Cost effective sessions via online
    • Free initial 15 min talk
    • 100% money back guarantee for the 1st session
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    • When you know what goal you want to reach
    • Help to reach your personal and professional goals faster
    • Technology that has proven its effectiveness
    • Can be used online successfully
    • Cost efficient sessions
    No risk – 100% money back for the first session

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    • When you understand that you do not like your work
    • When you don’t want waste best years of life hating your work
    • You want to make educated career decisions, know your strengths and weaknesses and areas of growth.
    • I use one assessment tests that will help you find out your vocation in a short time 
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Let's talk! Initial conversation (15 minutes) is FREE to get to know each other and undersand how to approach your situation, discuss rules and payment. For people that are looking for a free counselling: 15 min talk - it's not a counselling, just introduction before payment. Counselling is on prepayment basis. Add me now to skype: m_dickey , telegram/viber/whatsapp +380962169411 or www.facebook.com/mikhail.dickey and write "need counselling" to talk.




Online Psychologist

Welcome to my site! My name is Mikhail (Mike) Dickey, I’m a certified psychotherapist and personal coach. I enjoy coming alongside people to help them develop strong and effective coping skills for the adventures and difficulties life can bring our way.

It's proven by Zurich University research that online sessions are no less effective, and sometimes even more effective than offline ones. Add me to any program that you use to talk to other people WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook, Viber, Skype or fil in the form below and suggest other convenient program that you use

I work with adults only

Help to get rid of guilt, shame, fears, anxiety, irritability, obsessions.
To endure trauma, loss, grief, depressive states, apathy, psychosomatic states.
Become self-confident, increase self-esteem, more effectively interact with people and achieve goals
Overcome crises, make choices, find your meaning in life and purpose.
relationships with partner, parents, relatives
 Find a vocation, choose a profession, change your career.
As a coach I help in achieving your goals in life and business.



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 Perhaps situations in life do not allow you tofunction normally; whether it’s trouble sleeping at night, or stress at work. Maybe you find colleagues at work difficult to be with, or feel stress from unreasonable expectations and you do notsee a way out? Depression can stalk you and fears intimidate you.If issues are notaddressed, quality of lifeand work can begreatlyaffected.

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You and I know that running away from problems does not help. They have crazy ways of following us wherever we go. And taking advice from well-meaning relatives and friends, or reading self-help books is often not very effective either.        As an alternative, I suggest you consider psychotherapeutic counseling. Maybe it will open your eyes to the "blind spots" that you have not seen before, and provide resources to address situations which you did not recognize. Skype is a convenient communication tool. I love it. It saves time and money without compromising the quality of counseling You can find it readily accessible any time day or night. Consider some of the benefits of Skype consultations

Usually, counseling requires 3 to 10 sessions, although it varies depending on individual. For you 1 session can be enough or you might need more than 10 sessions



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What will you choose: therapy that lasts 5-10 session or therapy that lasts 30-50 sessions with the same results? I’m sure that everybody who counts money will choose the first one.

ЕMDR – Еye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a short term method of psychotherapy that is widely recognized as one of the most effective ones when working with trauma. Please check with me if this method will work for your situation. More about method In other cases you can use positve psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy is more profound than counselling, it involves reseach of the scenarios from your childhood and requires longer therapeutic relationships.For any therapy to be successful, it is necessary for the client to be cooperative and be willing to do the necessary therapeutic work. I'm not gury or doctor that knows all the right answers, therapy requires efforts of two people.

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Therapy usually takes 10-30 sessions. EMDR therapy - up to 10 sessions. Guidelines to define number of sessions here
Read more about positive psychotherapy method here


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Консультация психологаWhen one needs to improve some areas of life (either personal or professional), I offer personal coaching - that is professional, informed encouragement to help you achieve your goals faster. Usually coaching takes 3-10 sessions. Sometimes 1 or 2 sessions it enough, but again it’s very individual. More on coaching  


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If you want tochange your career or find your true calling - career guidance can help you a lot. Options of career asessment Usually taking an online test + following 90 min coaching session is enough

Satisfaction Guaranteeseal7en

7-day, 100% money back guarantee for consultation.

I guarantee a 100% return money spent.

If you are unhappy with the quality of service - just let me know on Skype, and I at the first request will refund the money you spend for the first consultation.
I’m sure in the quality of my service, so can provide guarantee.

Returns are without hard feelings and long procedures. For me, this means that we are not right for each other.

Guarantee terms
1. The warranty period is 7 days from the date of the consultation.
2. The warranty applies only to the first consultation, and does not apply to online testing service.


Unfortunately, in the case of a refund, I can no longer work with you in the future on any terms.


busines owner, SC, USA

I was having serious problems in my life and desperately needed the help of a professional. I was lucky to find Mikhail.

 Business owner, Dallas, TX, USA 

Mikhail's services are not only very convenient and professional, but very effective

HR - Expert, Kyiv, Ukraine

I would like to thank Mikhail for his work.

entrepreneur, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

I have addressed Mikhail with the old problem and was surprised by the insights that I was able to make even during first session!

666 Galyna
chief accountant, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

My mother was asking me to influence my dad's behavior, but my conversations with my father didn't lead to anywhere.

development manager, Budapest, Hungary

I had difficult relationships with one person, because of that I was in the long depression for a year and couldn't live and work and didn't know what to do.

888 Tatyana 
commercial director, Kyiv, Ukraine

I've addressed coach with desire to get rid of desire to have responsibility for everybody around me and forget about my own needs.  


Mikhail Dickey
psychotherapist online

+(38) 096 216 94 11


Skype: m_dickey