TEST "Do I need psychologist?"

Check out these statements and see what answer you have to that: “yes’ or “no”   


  1.     There are personal issues that I cannot solve myself
  2.     I have lost sense of joy and enjoyment of life
  3.     In last five years I have been cheated, divorced by a loved one
  4.     My loved one died recently
  5.     I can’t have long, serious relationship with other people
  6.     Life seems meaningless to me
  7.     I’m often sick (more than once a year)
  8.     I work hard, stay at work when everyone left, or work on weekends
  9.     I have bad relationships with my parents
  10.     In childhood or adolescence I have experienced parental divorce or death of a loved one
  11.     I cannot forget the hurtful situations in my life and I  replay them again and again
  12.     I find it hard to fall asleep,
  13.     I have an insomnia
  14.     I feel guilty
  15.     I feel insecure in dealing with other people
  16.     I feel lonely
  17.     I’m often dissatisfied with myself and my life
  18.     I avoid conflict, I do not know how to protect my rights
  19.     I enjoy dangerous situations (skydiving, scuba diving, fast driving and so on.)
  20.     I have decreased or increased sexuality
  21.     I have fear to die or go crazy to live a short life

If you have YES for at least 3 statements - you probably need some psychological assistance. I would gladly help you to resolve your psychological problems. If you like you can  SET UP FREE initial session online here 

You can overcome it!

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Guest Sunday, 23 February 2020


busines owner, SC, USA

I was having serious problems in my life and desperately needed the help of a professional. I was lucky to find Mikhail.

 Business owner, Dallas, TX, USA 

Mikhail's services are not only very convenient and professional, but very effective

HR - Expert, Kyiv, Ukraine

I would like to thank Mikhail for his work.

entrepreneur, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

I have addressed Mikhail with the old problem and was surprised by the insights that I was able to make even during first session!

666 Galyna
chief accountant, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

My mother was asking me to influence my dad's behavior, but my conversations with my father didn't lead to anywhere.

development manager, Budapest, Hungary

I had difficult relationships with one person, because of that I was in the long depression for a year and couldn't live and work and didn't know what to do.

888 Tatyana 
commercial director, Kyiv, Ukraine

I've addressed coach with desire to get rid of desire to have responsibility for everybody around me and forget about my own needs.  


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