CarlosI was looking for a good online therapist because I was having serious problems in my life and desperately needed the help of a professional. I was lucky to find Mikhail. After my first session with him, I realized that there was no need for me to look anywhere else for another therapist. I was very satisfied with his knowledge, professionalism and great advice.

I was dealing with relationship problems and I also was having a lot of anxiety related to the hard process of trying to become a permanent resident in the United States which in my case wasn't going very well. Every time I had a session with Mikhail, he helped me see things from a different perspective. Every single session before talking to him my thoughts and my energy were all over the place but after a session with him I could see my reality from a different angle and with the tools that he provided to me I got to work on a plan to make things work so much better in my life I like his approach very much, he is very knowledgeable, he stays very present during every session and always paid very close attention to what I was telling him and after listening closely to my problems he always helped me to find the answers inside myself to improve the situations I was going through.

I will highly recommend his services to anyone who is going through a tough time and needs a great therapist to help him/her get their lives back on track.

I truly believe that as life moves on, we will all face many different kinds of difficult challenges in this lifetime and it is extremely helpful to have someone like Mikhail to guide you and help you go through the hard times.

Carlos, owner of a painting company in South Carolina, USA


I would like to thank Mikhail for his work. I was suffering with headaches for 8 years, and after 10 sessions with Mikhail of

positive psychotherapy I learned how to feel coming of the pain and understand mechanism of this discease, learned to control it and overcome it on the early stage.

 Lilit I, HR - Expert, Kyiv, Ukraine

 Mikhail's services are not only very convenient and professional, but very effective. My busy executive schedule doesn't allow for time to make in person appointments with traditional coaches and therapists.
We have been working together on stress reduction and business coaching.
Main value of the sessions is I was able to clearly define goals and see a direct way to make those goals come to fruition. He also is very effective in helping to find ways to reduce stress.
Mikhail is highly intelligent and well trained. He's able to spot issues and problems that most would overlook. The result was helping to create a less stressful lifestyle as well as achieving goals that had for years seemed very unattainable.
I would recommend his services to busy executives or anyone with a high demanding job that leaves them with little time for in person training and help.
He’s been extremely helpful to me!

Business owner from Dallas Texas, USA

I've addressed Mikhail with problem and from the first sessions was impressed by professional approach and amount of knowledge than Mikhail has on human psychology. My problem was resolved and we were searching together ways to resolve my basic conflict. You need to understand one thing, that psychotherapist will not solve our problems for us, but open ways to solution. Decision to do something is up to us! Wish you all luck! Thanks Mikhail!

Rafael Migamazov, enterpreneur,Tatarstan, Russia

Андрей ЮдченкоI found out about career assessment sessions that Mikhail provides from my brother who personally knows him. I was interested to take test and get counselling in order to better understand my personality and find out what professional areas suit me the best.

It was important for me to get a professional perspective on my personality, my character, in order to understand other professional areas where I can apply myself. I can say that Mikhail helped me to evaluate my strong and week sides, and helped me understand how I can use them better. Valuable advice was that one needs to focus on the strengths and delegate where you are weak. Another valuable thing was list of fields and professions that suit me the best according to my personality and where I can be successful.

 I can recommend Mikhail as a professional career consultant that can provide holistic and objective perspective on your career or business and helps you to understand what to do in order to max up your potential

Andrey Yudchenko, auditor, major international holding, Kyiv, Ukraine


Mikhail, I've always was pleasantly amazed by your patience, attention to details and original solutions. From the very first meeting, and was convinced again and again that all your thoughts and actions have deep spiritual foundation - and this is so important... Only now in a 5 years when I've reached an expert level in relationships with men I can truly estimate all your psychologycal support that you've rendered to me then - when ground was slipping out of my feet and seemes that this is the end of my life. Your support helped me not to break down and move forward. Thanks a lot! Wish you peace and havenly inspiration!

Oksana Zadorozhnaya, relationshisps expert, women coach and fitness consultant, Kyiv, Ukraine


I know Mikhail for over 10 years and for all this time he is willingly helping people. Despite his high level of education he constantly grows in the knowledge, getting new degrees and improving himself. Psychologycal help is what Mikhail studies. He is a very good listener and creates comfortable athmosphere for the profound conversations. He supported me in difficult moments of life and helped to understand situation. Thanks to his help I've had several courses of psychologycal help and learned to become more open to other people and their wounds. I enjoy his style of work, full of empathy, combination of psychotherapeutic counsellling and soft coaching.

 O. Triboy, lawyer, Kyiv, Ukraine

 I have addressed Mikhail with the old problem and was suprised by the insights that I was able to make even during first session! After several sessions, I discovered that issue that I came with was somehow resolved! Problem simply gone! Thanks Mikhail! I regret that I was doubting for a long time if I should address psychologyst with my issue or not, I would have saved much time and energ otherwise. 

 Igor Т., enterpreneur, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


My mother was asking me to influence my dad's behaviour, but my conversations with my father didn't lead to anywhere. I didn't know what to do, was thinking about it all the time, all my thoughts, emotions, and energy was directed only to find the way out from this difficult situation. All of that was a burden to me. I had apathy, bad mood, didn't have energy for my family or business. Luckily I've found out that I can't resolve it myself and addressed Mikhail. Thanks to his help I was able to understand where to find solution to this problem. Mikhail helped me to find balance in my relationships with my parents, and I felt so relieved after depression connected with helpless feelings and my inablilty to do anything about it. I'm so greatful to him for this! Because of his help my life has more joy! I recommend from all my heart to come to Mikhail for the help, he is an amazing person, not only real professional but has kind heart and desire to help averybody who needs!

 Berzenina Galyna, chief accountant, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine


I know Mikhail from 2010 and can describe him as professional psychology consultant. He helped me to resolve some aspects of life management what I’m extremely grateful for. Mikhail has highly developed empathy, easy to trust and creates great atmosphere for insights and search for solution. Besides that Mikhail works all the time on his professional development. Work with Mikhail moves your problem from the deadlock.

 Denis Lavrinenko, psychotherapist, trainer, scientist, Kiev, Ukraine


I had difficult relationships with one person, because of that I was in the long depression for a year and couldn't live and work and didn't know what to do. That's why I had and online counselling to Mikhail. Honestly when psychologyst asked me to share what has happened, I couldn't say a word, just started crying. But then I stopped crying, Mikhail started to listen to my story and then ask questions and in the end made good analysis of my situation. He help me to resovle problem that I was fighting for 6 months. Mikhail helped me to look at my problem from the different perspective. I felt as if big stone have fallen down of my shoulders. I felt relieved...! In situations like that we are able to give advice to our friends but unfortunately when something happens to us, we are not able to find answers. Consutations of a professional psychologyst are much needed, because it's easier to see problem from the outside and easier to deal with it this way. 

 Ludmila P, development manager, Budapest, Hungary


I 've addressed coach with desire to get rid of desire to have resposibility for everybody around me and forget about my own needs. I was surprised that Mikhail didn't push his opinion on me and give my chance to understand aspects of the problem myself. I've enjoyed action plan for the issue resolution that we have developed. Everything was on their places all of a sudden. I felt relief, as if I got rid of the burden that I couldn't carry anymore and that I've put on myself. I understood what can help me in reaching my goal. I belive that methods that coach have used are highly effective. My problems turned into tasks and I've understood that coaching is a serious area of expertise that brings results, but requires from me some efforts. I thank Mikhail for the accomplished work. Encouraging and positve coaching - this is exactly what we need. 

Tatyana S, commercial director, Kyiv, Ukraine

АnyaI was looking for psychologist who can do skype sessions and provide fast results. Topic of my request was self-esteem. Main value of psychotherapy is that I have learned to accept myself, organized everything that was piled up in my head into order and received serenity and pure joy. I was skeptical expecting results, but result happen to be wonderful: I am confident in myself; I have clear plans for future, live in present and enjoy life and world! I recommend Mikhail’s services to everybody! We have so many stresses nowadays that we are digging down our problems. If you pull them out – one can breathe more easily!

Anna, paramedic, Kyiv, Ukraine

Mikhail was recommended to me as a good career consultant. We needed educational career assessment prior to choosing university. Main value was that we were working together with child and she was answering questions herself. We are happy with results, as expected. Counselling helped to structure understanding of the professional choice and confirm that the choice was correct. I have enjoyed feedback and care during session. I can definitely recommend this service to parents that want to understand their child abilities better or understand child better in general. Also a can recommend this service to teenagers for better understanding of themselves. Daughter and I completely satisfied with help that been provided. Additionally want to note recommendation on how to process received information. We are grateful!

Iryna K, banking, Kyiv, Ukraine

артемI have chosen skype sessions because of time flexibility and responsiveness. I have addressed Mikhail with further career development and personal issues. Main value of work was that I have reached clarity and organized multiple aspects of my life with a great help and guidance of Mikhail. Services of Mikhail are better because of his responsiveness and flexibility to meet with clients. My result was to reach some clarity, fight doubts and feel the peace of mind. After the course of sessions I started feeling better, learn how to better understand and accept myself. I would recommend Michael to everyone who want to better understand yourself, your values and goals and how to make decisions in your personal and professional life based on that.

Thomas K, Tampa, FL. USA, Account Manager


busines owner, SC, USA

I was having serious problems in my life and desperately needed the help of a professional. I was lucky to find Mikhail.

 Business owner, Dallas, TX, USA 

Mikhail's services are not only very convenient and professional, but very effective

HR - Expert, Kyiv, Ukraine

I would like to thank Mikhail for his work.

entrepreneur, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

I have addressed Mikhail with the old problem and was surprised by the insights that I was able to make even during first session!

666 Galyna
chief accountant, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

My mother was asking me to influence my dad's behavior, but my conversations with my father didn't lead to anywhere.

development manager, Budapest, Hungary

I had difficult relationships with one person, because of that I was in the long depression for a year and couldn't live and work and didn't know what to do.

888 Tatyana 
commercial director, Kyiv, Ukraine

I've addressed coach with desire to get rid of desire to have responsibility for everybody around me and forget about my own needs.  


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