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105$/150min - adults, 60$/150min-children

“Find something you enjoy doing, and you will not have to work a single day! “

There is a big difference between "I WANT to work" and "HAVE to work."

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Many students, finishing school do not know how to continue their vocational training, or know, but only because it is decided by parents. "How old are your children? Lawyer – is 2 years old, and the doctor – 3 years old " )).. Often this means that a child in a university or college is absolutely not interested, he/she will lose four most productive years of their life in ongoing anticipation of the moment when this will be over, and he / she can begin to truly find themselves in life, find their calling and doing things they love.So it was with me. I spent five years of my life getting a degree in engineering; simply because I did not know my talents, or rather where my talents can be applied. I got the diploma, but never worked as an engineer.. неудачникAfter graduation, I also spent several years in search of my vocation; I have worked for an international company, took different tests for career guidance. Fortunately, I found my calling - for some it lasts a lifetime.

There is nothing worse than a lifetime spent in suffering, doing what you hate, in ongoing waiting for holidays and vacations. I understand it because I was there.

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You can also, look for your vocation trying different jobs, taking free tests and reading literature on career counseling and finding a vocation. Fortunately, there is a shorter and more professional way.

For 10 years the Crown Company researched and developed career assessment test Career Direct that defines personality type, interests, skills and values. People recommend Career Direct


Why professional test Career Direct ® is better than free tests:


     Most tests for career assessment tests, even good ones examine one or two areas. Career Direct ® explores FOUR: personality, interests, skills and values. As a result, you get a complete picture of your career profile, spending just one hour in online testing.
Career Direct test was developed for 10 years and has been carefully checked for accuracy and effectiveness. Over 120 000 people have successfully completed the Career Direct test and gave it highest grades.

  • As a result of 60 minute online test you get 23 pages of detailed descriptions of the parameters of your personality. View sample reports
  • This includes an Action Plan to further work with test results
  • also you get a Professions Directory - organized by profession system, which is reflected in your report.
  •  after test you get a 90 minute Skype/Viber consultation to discuss results of your report = together it will take 150 minutes of your time.
  • I can safely say that Career Direct - is one of the best programs on vocational guidance in today’s market.

Comparison with 20 other tests
Scientific proof of test’s accuracy
Scientific development of the test


How online asessment process looks like

      The testing process takes about 60 minutes online at the official Career Direct website, after buying the access code. The minimum age for testing - 15 years.
      Counseling over Skype takes about 90 minutes. (For students of the age of 15 in the presence of at least one of the parents)
      After the consultation you will receive a detailed personal report (23 pages) in PDF format. View sample reports

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An alternative quest for the true calling 

For those, who don't like tests, I suggest coaching sessions with assignments for finding true vocation - you pay price of coaching session, and we'll explore your calling through a variety of tasks and self-examination assingments that we discuss together. 

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I've addressed coach with desire to get rid of desire to have responsibility for everybody around me and forget about my own needs.