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Psychologist Psychotherapist Coach Online / in Kiev

Mikhail Dickey

The latest methods - results from the first meetings. Free initial conversation.

Welcome to my website, I am Mikhail

Dickey, a psychologist with 10 years of experience in private practice and supervision.

Ready to help solve psychological problems quickly.

The advantage of working with me is that I use the latest short-term methods that give results from the first meetings. I work online as efficiently and quickly as offline. You save time and money without losing quality.
individual work with adults (excluding career guidance for teenagers 15 years old)


• I am a Member of the World Association for Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP)

• permanent Member of the Union of Psychotherapists of Ukraine (USP)

• Master of Psychology. Kiev, Ukraine

• psychotherapist, Wiesbaden Academy for Cross-Cultural Positive Psychotherapy, Wiesbaden, Germany

• certified coach, International Institute of Coaching and Management, Kiev

• certified career counselor Career Direct, USA

• certified by Green Cross, USA / trauma, anxiety, phobia therapy (DPDG, HEART)

• certificates: partnership therapy, psychosomatics, personality accentuations, psychiatric propaedeutics, neuropsychoanalysis

• received MA from TCM International Institute, Austrв

A psychologist-psychotherapist-coach is needed if you do not see a way to change situation

I will help you to feel confident, satisfied with yourself, get rid of resentment, guilt, shame!

Find joy, meaning, harmony again!

Find yourself, improve your productivity

Build relationships (with parents, at work, personal)

Start a relationship, if there was a divorce, survive the loss of a loved one

Deal with the causes of diseases that doctors cannot find an explanation

Get healthy sleep, get rid of workaholism

Recover from excruciating trauma, find peace

Overcome fears, panic attacks

"Decrease in the quality of life is expensive - after all, joy disappears, relationships with oneself and others deteriorate, and productivity deteriorates as well. Prevention and  therapy will help to avoid serious health disorders, long treatment, losses that cannot be returned, and find satisfaction, harmony, peace with others "

  • Topics that I work with

    Psychological support, self-esteem, confidence. Anxiety, worry, stress, lack of energy.

    Grief, loss, anger, guilt, shame, childhood trauma.

    Existential requests, search for meaning, masculine identity, procrastination, depression.

    Love, sexual dysfunction, divorce, separation, relationships, codependency. Resentment, loneliness

    Fears (phobias), panic attacks, OCD (obsessive actions, obsessive thoughts), insomnia, psychosomatics,

    Achieving goals, finding a vocation, professional burnout.

    If you have not found your topic in this list - write to me, most likely I can help if you do not have a psychiatric diagnosis. If there is such a diagnosis, I will need the consent of your psychiatrist to begin with.
  • How to start an appointment with a psychologist

    Step 1
    Leave your contacts (and I will contact back) if you want a quick answer - write yourself "I need the help of a psychologist"

    Step 2

    Initial free conversation (15 minutes) for acquaintance, understanding the topic of the request, working rules)

    Step 3

    You pay for the first meeting. After confirming the payment, we schedule the session.
  • What the appointment with a psychologist looks like

    First, the initial survey (clarifying the request, personal data, life situation)

    On the basis of a clarified request, I give exercises that we do together, I give homework.

    At the beginning of each session, we discuss the achieved goals, feelings, set new tasks.

    At the end, we talk about important useful findings in therapy, what were the breakthroughs, insights, and discuss new homework assignments.

    At the end of the therapy, we summarize results, talk about the future, I will ask for a review (if you give permission, I post it on my website)

Why people choose me

(details - in reviews)

The ratio of the cost of services, quality, speed, and at the same time comfort in communication. I offer a free initial conversation, a discount on the first meeting - I know how hard it is to find a personal psychologist

I wok confidentially, anonymously (no information will be disclosed without consent). As a member of USP and WAPP I adhere to the ethical codes.

I offer the help of a psychologist online. there is no waste of precious time and money for travel, rent. You can sign up at a convenient time, without leaving a comfortable environment, and work efficiency is maintained. 

Always in touch, answer quickly. The schedule of an online psychologist assumes assistance promptly (weekends, late in the evening, early in the morning (upon agreement)

An understanding psychologist, endowed with natural empathy, insight, cross-cultural approach, with proven arsenal of techniques, methods, which I regularly replenish

Results starting from the first meetings, use short-term therapy methods, coaching to help achieve the goal quickly. Flexibility, interdisciplinary experience and understanding of different cultures help in dealing with difficult cases

10 years of experience in practice, international certification, supervision, propaedeutics, a structured approach (I can integrate different techniques into the method, switch between formats). I understand the limitations of each of the formats and my own.

Psychological services


    I conduct consultations using the method of positive cross-cultural psychotherapy. This short-term method (an average of 10 sessions) allows you to feel positive changes immediately.

    It will help if the cause of the problem is not clear, if you don't have tools, resources. For those who are ready to finally get to the root of the problem, this format is better suited to change the situation.

    Since psychotherapy is work through contact with a therapist first of all, it is critically important to find “your” specialist. Therefore, I offer a free initial conversation to understand whether we are suitable for each other.

    Attempts to escape from problems, following the advice of relatives, friends, reading literature often confuse even more.

    As an alternative, I offer online counseling. You can see the "blind spots", find resources for solving the problem with the help of an experienced psychologist. Online format saves time, money, while maintaining efficiency - this has been proven by numerous researchers.

    Counseling works well for non-chronic issues. To solve the problem on a superficial symptomatic level, it usually takes 3-10, although sometimes 1-2 meetings. For more serious changes and the study of long-standing problems, traumas, psychotherapy is necessary.
  • EMDR therapy

    EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a short term therapy.

    It is the latest achievement in this area of therapy at the level of physiology allows you to change the state of anxiety, fear, stress, trauma. Typically 5 sessions are required per request.


    Coaching is needed to improve both personal and professional areas. When reading books and advice from colleagues is useless, 3 - 10 sessions with coach will help achieve the goal (the number of meetings is determined after the first session)

    The coach will be able to activate hidden, dormant potential of a person. to achieve personal, career goals, skills, abilities. Fortune 500 companies invest in coach services as the direct economic effect of using this technology has been proven (increasing employee productivity).

    How coaching differs from counseling a psychologist. Coaching is designed to achieve a specific goal, focused on a person's future. Demands greater accountability, responsibility, as in training. The task of the coach is for a person to reach full potential.

    Coaching is a movement towards a goal, therefore, it is aimed at a specific solution to the situation, while the coach does not need to be well versed in the specialization of the person who is looking for help. This is the difference between coaching and mentoring, consulting. Having mastered a technology, a specialist extracts a person's own expertise to help in solving problems.