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"Do I need a psychologist?" Test

test do I need a psychologist

Check out these statements and see what answer you have to that: “yes’ or “no”   

  1.     There are personal issues that I cannot solve myself
  2.     I have lost a sense of joy and enjoyment of life
  3.     In the last five years, I have been cheated, divorced by a loved one
  4.     My loved one died recently
  5.     I can’t have a long, serious relationship with other people
  6.     Life seems meaningless to me
  7.     I’m often sick (more than once a year)
  8.     I work hard, stay at work when everyone left, or work on weekends
  9.     I have bad relationships with my parents
  10.     In childhood or adolescence, I have experienced parental divorce or death of a loved one
  11.     I cannot forget the hurtful situations in my life and I  replay them again and again
  12.     I find it hard to fall asleep,
  13.     I have an insomnia
  14.     I feel guilty
  15.     I feel insecure in dealing with other people
  16.     I feel lonely
  17.     I’m often dissatisfied with myself and my life
  18.     I avoid conflict, I do not know how to protect my rights
  19.     I enjoy dangerous situations (skydiving, scuba diving, fast driving, and so on.)
  20.     I have decreased or increased sexuality
  21.     I have a fear to die or go crazy to live a short life

If you have YES for at least 3 statements - you probably need some psychological assistance. I would gladly help you to resolve your psychological problems. If you like you can set up an appointment.

You can overcome it!