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About me

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 My name is Mikhail Dickey. I'm a psychotherapist, life coach, and career consultant and I feel blessed for the opportunities life gives me to make this world a better place. My qualification:

  • member of the World Association on Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP)
  • member of the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists
  • certified by the Ukrainian Association of Positive Psychotherapy and European Association of Psychotherapy (EAP)
  • certified psychotherapist and coach by Wiesbaden Аcademy of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy, Wiesbaden, Germany
  • certified Career Direct consultant
  • certified working with trauma, anxiety, and phobia (EMDR, HEART) by Green Cross
  • received a master's degree in practical ministry at TCM International Institute, Heiligenkreuz, Austria

My professional and comprehensive outlook, cross-cultural experience, multidisciplinary approach, and a wide range of treatment tools contribute to a high success rate in helping clients

The purpose of my life is to be a source of inspiration and change for those who care about the quality of their life and refuse to live a life full of pity and psychological struggles. I’m happy to help people to find balance and harmony in everyday life, find peace with themselves and the people around them. In my books as well as online webinars and sessions, I share the knowledge that can radically improve your psychological life; this inevitably influences all other areas: business, health, and sense of fulfillment.

I’m a lifelong student and eager to inspire you to join this never-ending process of self-improvement that requires commitment and consistency.

I invite you to use my e-books here and my website as a resource to achieve your goals to live the life you’ve always wanted. Feel free to add me to friends and follow me on various social networks:




How I have started to help people as a psychologist.

From childhood I was always interested in people; I studied psychological and religious literature at the university level.
As a teenager, I was not aware of career assessment tests and so after graduating from high school I went to university and got an engineering degree. In university, I've found out that social science was my passion.
I was looking for my true calling and was helping my friends to resolve their psychological problems.
After moving to Kyiv, Ukraine, I worked for a consulting company for several years, and finally, I decided to make psychology a profession.
Based on my own experience, I suggest you not waste precious years of your life.

Do not waste time with internal struggles. Use psychological counseling and psychotherapy If you want a shortcut to achieve your goals.

I've found out that online sessions are no less effective than face-to-face sessions plus they save time and resources.

I would be happy to accompany you in your journey to yourself, to help find answers and resources that are already within you, but you are not aware of.

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