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3 levels of psychotherapy


Often clients ask how many sessions they need to solve their issue.

To understand what you need, it might be helpful to look at different levels of psychotherapy.

Levels are not starting from consulting or giving psychological advice.


The first level is psychotherapeutic counseling usually appearing on the actual problem of the person, we work with the actual situation. The goal is to relieve the acuity of the problem what usually takes up to 10 sessions.  3 - 5 sessions usually are enough to develop a strategy of problem-solving and find resources that the client has to solve the problem. The main focus is present, with perspective in the future.

The second level is small psychotherapy that lasts from 10 to 30 sessions (less often 50). This is slower and deep psychotherapy, works with basic conflict. Because fast progress to the depth can be difficult this therapy needs more time. We are going to childhood, relationships with parents, deep mechanisms, scenarios. The focus of work – past, with a perspective on the present and future.

The third level is big psychotherapy or therapy of relationships and by relationships. This is an even slower and deeper process and starts from 30 sessions and can last (by the desire of the client) all his life as a supporting therapy, sometimes pausing for months and years. The focus of work – relationships with the therapist as a mirror to relationships with the world and himself. Results of such therapy are not that obvious as on the first and second levels, but clients usually express the reality of becoming “stronger, confident, and more balanced”.

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