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Prices are for an online format. In a face-to-face meeting in a psychologist's office in Kyiv, the client pays an additional hour renting a room (plus 3 -7$). The place of rented office is agreed additionally in any of the convenient districts of Kyiv.

Psychotherapy online/50 minutes price - 35$


Counseling online/50 minutes price - 35$


EMDR therapy online/50 minutes price - 35$


                                  Coaching online/50 minutes price - 49$                                     


Career assessment for adults online/60 minutes price -  59$


How to sign up for a psychologist consultation: 3 easy steps

1. To get started, click the "sign up for an appointment" button above or write to me in one of the messengers "need a consultation" (I will answer faster )

2. Before starting work, I always talk with the client for 10-15 minutes. It is free and you need to get acquainted, understand how comfortable we are in communication, briefly share about the topic, and also find out which of the work formats is best suited to quickly resolve problems.

3. Prepayment before the first consultation. After I confirm payment we agree on the time of the session.

Payment for psychological services

price counselling 2Many people have a question: How to combine close relationships that appear in process of providing psychological assistance with a need to take money for this help, especially if a person who gives them is not financially stable.

Providing psychological assistance is a job like any other, and work should be paid. But besides this, money is also a tool for establishing distance and framework for relationships. Psychologist receives money not for his support (it can be obtained from others for free) but for years of experience, skills, and knowledge of what is happening and what needs to be done.

If the topic of money is painful for you (you are used to buying relationships, afraid to spend money on yourself, or you are afraid to take money for your work), then perhaps it should also be discussed at a meeting with a psychologist.

Of course, there is an understandable fear of being deceived, especially since the quality of service cannot be touched by hands, it is amplified by expectations of a "miracle" - a magical solution to an issue in one meeting. To relieve this fear, I always offer an initial conversation for free. You pay only after realizing that you can trust the quality.

Sometimes people think that they, too, are keen on psychology, but in fact, they confuse their intuition and ability to manipulate with knowledge of psychology, and therefore it seems for them foolish to pay for a conversation with a person who does not write prescriptions.

But you are not paying for a chat with your friends. a psychologist focuses all attention on you and your inner world - this is 100% concentration on you, which does not happen in ordinary life. At the same time, complex analytical work is performed in the psychologist's head, building strategies, working out hypotheses, and selecting methods and techniques. Moreover, most of the time customers share their negative feelings and most of the time come in a bad mood. Usually, such people are avoided in everyday life, such communication eats up a lot of energy. That is why special qualifications are needed so as not to burn out while doing this help.

price counselling 4jpgPayment to make relationships symmetrical

Since a psychologist's focus is on you and your problems, this relationship is asymmetrical and therefore unusual. To maintain this relationship, you need to compensate for this asymmetry with payment, otherwise, they won't be equal.

If payment does not correspond to the contribution, then the psychologist will accumulate tension, which will be reflected in work. Paying for work is safer for the client.

Responsibility of parties

A psychologist is responsible for his professional approach, and the client is responsible for being open and completing homework and exercises. Paying is also a responsibility, while it helps him to appreciate meetings and not take them as something trifling, but seriously.

Payment and motivation

People buy gym memberships to motivate paid classes to go. For some reason, payment of a psychologist's work motivates to continue hard work on oneself, helps to overcome resistance to change. That is why payment must be substantial in order for it to be a tangible contribution.

In Europe, for example, there is a rule according to which a client pays about 10% of his monthly salary for 4 lessons per month.

If a client is physically unable to pay for work, then we can discuss it individually. Sometimes I take interesting cases for a symbolic payment on the condition of high motivation. But all same, payment should be because free classes are depreciated and bring little benefit.

Good free psychologist myths

price counselling 3

Finding free good psychologists is hard. Perhaps they work in some kind of charity fund program. They are certainly not free, someone else pays them. Good psychologists rarely take clients free or for a nominal fee, but this happens. After all, there are objective costs of living, training, and supervision.

To compare prices for services - you can google average prices on the market, they differ in different cities and countries. Online is cheaper since you can use specialists from a cheaper location. Unfortunately, a high price is not always evidence of high quality, but the probability is greater. Online services also are cheaper despite the same quality of work since you do not need to pay rent and spend money on travel. I think that, given my experience, speed of work, and its quality, the price is optimal. This does not mean that it will always be fixed, I sometimes lower or raise prices to fit the current market situation,  but in any case, I will let you know in advance.

Money is a tool for sorting out unmotivated clients who were sent to therapy by their wives or husbands. Since a psychologist sells his time, he physically cannot accept everyone, therefore the amount of payment regulates the flow of clients.

I hope now it is more clear how the price of psychologist services is formulated and this will help to choose a specialist. If you choose me, then I will understand that there is a motivation to invest in changes, and I will be happy to help.