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Online therapy

onlie psyhotherapy 5Not all problems we can admit even to ourselves. In meantime, we accumulate internal conflicts that become insurmountable barriers to achieving the desired goal; as a result, we are devoured by our internal problems, which take away strength from moving towards goals, towards happy relationships, harmony with ourselves, and the world around us.

In this case, you need to go to a specialist, do not postpone it. Problems tend to grow to the size of an elephant. I recommend online therapy that works effectively with adults.
Do not underestimate your psyche, it can be more important than your arms or legs. If something is broken inside you, do not be shy. Do not hesitate to go to the hospital if your arm is broken. An online psychotherapist will help you remotely, anonymously, and quickly.

 Psychotherapist near me

 Online psychotherapist in Europe, may not have a medical degree but must have psychological training and certification, and several years of practice in a specific method of talk therapy. If you have a psychiatric diagnosis, then your psychiatrist treats with medication and conversational psychotherapy can be recommended only after consultation with your psychiatrist.
Psychotherapy helps healthy people, first of all, to metaphorically “rebuild rails along which carriages of thoughts run”, so there is no need to wait until the help of a psychiatrist is needed, not to bring them to a point where “carriages will go downhill”.
In acute conditions, of course, it is better to meet in person, if the situation is chronic or not severe, then the Internet format will do. However, the convenience of Internet therapy is that you can quickly start therapy as needed.
It is important to find "your" psychotherapist. Like any relationship, online psychotherapy also requires selection. It should be comfortable to communicate, working methods, experience and qualifications should be suitable. For some, a woman therapist is better suited, and for others a man. This is very subjective, but normal. After all, we also do not find "our" hairdresser and dentist at once.

onlie psyhotherapy 7

Talk therapy online is effective

If we briefly summarize numerous studies in this area, we can say that 90% of those surveyed said that online therapy helped them. In research, online therapy and classical therapy were compared and results were evaluated. The spectrum covered was quite large from anxiety disorders to family troubles. These studies can be found easily on the internet.
While different methods work in the same way, the ability to adapt therapeutic skills to an online format turned out to be more important. I have more than 10 years of private practice online, you can trust my experience.

Precautions to online therapy for adults

In general, if you need urgent help from other specialists, the online format is not suitable. (in case of psychosis or severe physical condition)
For almost all other psychological problems, online psychotherapy is indicated in the method for adults that I'm using.

Formats of online psychotherapy

Now, in addition to popular Skype, you can work in many different messengers Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Zoom.
Preferably you can use a videocall - then it will be closer to a face-to-face consultation, or it can be in the format of voice communication. If you can express thoughts clearly with a voice, then that will also work.
Online chat is also possible if the Internet does not allow voice communication. However, in this case, it is necessary to regulate the time, since part of it is spent to type text.  The quality of such communication is poor and influences the quality of work. If you can't find another way please send me a message and we will discuss it.
I do not work with groups of people, I conduct family therapy individually with each partner.

Technical requirements for online therapy

The most important thing is the Internet with a speed higher than 130 kbps. If it is less, then a voice will break and there will be no high-quality sound.
You can connect via Wi-Fi or 3G, 4G connections. No one should distract during work, and you should be alone in the room.
What to do in case of technical communication problems
Usually, you can switch to another communication channel - to a phone instead of a computer and vice versa, go to another messenger. Of course, the session is extended for the duration of the interruption.

Payment for psychotherapy online

Usually, payment is made before a consultation, I have special discounts for the first session, so you can try it out.  How many sessions will be needed for a course with a psychotherapist is usually decided after the first session.
If you want to get an appointment with a psychotherapist - then set up an appointment - and a free initial free 15 minutes conversation will take place, which assumes some minimal understanding about your psychotherapist and whether he can help.
Some specialists higher payment more for online format than face-to-face meetings, as they think that it is more difficult for them. My opinion is that, on the contrary, online therapy should be cheaper, since I do not waste time traveling and renting premises.
Payment can be in any convenient form - PayPal or to a bank account or using various transfer systems. Can be discussed at the initial talk.

Positive psychology and positive psychotherapy

I'm using a method called positive psychotherapy. Many people confuse it with the positive psychology of Martin Seligman what is less focused on humanistic models and therapies, and less integrative, not focused on multicultural experiences. 

What is positive psychotherapy?

позитивная психотерапия по скайпу

Term positive psychotherapy  comes from Latin "positum" - real, not from the word "positive." That means that method helps the client to see a complete, "real" picture of its situation.
Why positive psychotherapy?
Not all problems we can admit, even to ourselves. Meanwhile, we accumulate internal conflicts that become insurmountable barriers to achieve the desired goal; in end, we eaten up by our internal problems that damage good relations, harmony with oneself and the world.

How positive psychotherapy is different from other methods?

  • This is a short term psychotherapy method (average from 10 to 30 sessions), unlike other methods, where customers can go to a psychologist for years
  • It focuses on results that clients can feel from first sessions - which is why it is very popular in the U.S. and Western Europe.
  • The purpose of Positive Psychotherapy is to help you find your successful future.
  • The method has a clear structure, which can be used to balance all areas of life (physical sphere (body), activities, contacts (emotional

sphere) and sphere of senses (spiritual))основатель метода позитивная психотерапия

Effectiveness of positive psychotherapy

Founder Nossrat Peseshkian (in a picture with his wife) in 1968 developed a new method of psychotherapy that has been recognized in 1996 by the European Association for Psychotherapy and in 2008 by World Council for Psychotherapy.
Now it is one of the 14 officially recognized worldwide psychotherapeutic methods out of more than 400 present in the world.

Positive psychotherapy approach

Positum (in Latin) - real, actual, available. Not only problems exist but also the client's ability to overcome them. The client who comes for counseling "brings" not only a problem but a hidden ability to solve it. With a positive approach, we open and show these abilities to him and find a new way out of the situation.

на одной ноге

"The following story gives a clear idea of what a positive approach is. The situation of the client in many ways similar to one of a man who for a long time standing on one leg. After a while, overloaded leg muscles begin to cramp. He barely keeps his balance. Already hurts not only the foot but the whole body. Pain becomes unbearable, the person is asking

for help. Everybody around us is trying every way to help him. One massage injured leg. Another undertakes a cramped neck and massages it too. Third, seeing that he soon will lose balance, he offers his hand for support.

People standing around recommend leaning on their hands to make it easier to stand. And a wise old man suggests thinking that a man standing on one leg may feel quite lucky compared to those who do not have legs. And is a well-wisher who suggests our hero imagine himself a spring and the stronger he focuses on this, the sooner end his suffering will come.
A serious, thoughtful, kind old man utters: Sleep on it. Finally, there is one more asks poor man: Why are you standing on one leg? Straighten the other leg and stand on it. You've got a second leg. "
"Merchant and the Parrot" N. Peseshkian