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позитивная психотерапия по скайпуPSYCHOTHERAPY

I'm using a method called positive psychotherapy.
What is positive psychotherapy?
In fact, the name comes from the Latin "positum" - real, not from the word "positive." That means that method helps the client to see a complete, "real" picture of its situation.

Why positive psychotherapy?

 Not all problems we can admit, even to ourselves. Meanwhile, we accumulate internal conflicts that become insurmountable barriers to achieve the desired goal; in the end, we eaten up by our own internal problems that damage good relations, harmony with oneself and the world.

How positive psychotherapy is different from other methods?

this is a short term psychotherapy method (average from 10 to 30 sessions), unlike other methods, where customers can go to a psychologist for years.

  • it focuses on the result that the client can feel from the first sessions - which is why it is very popular in the U.S. and Western Europe.
  • The purpose of Positive Psychotherapy is to help you find your successful future.
  • The method has a clear structure, which can be used to balance all areas of life (physical sphere (the body), activities, contacts (emotional sphere) and the sphere of senses (spiritual))

    основатель метода позитивная психотерапия

Effectiveness of positive psychotherapy

Founder N. Peseshkian (on the picture with his wife) in 1968 developed a new method of psychotherapy that has been recognized in 1996 by the European Association for Psychotherapy and in 2008 by the World Council for Psychotherapy.

It is one the 14 officially recognized worldwide psychotherapeutic methods out of more than 400.

How to start online psychotherapy: 4 simple steps

Step 1 - you press the green button below and  message me in one of the messengers “I need a session”

Step 2 - we agree on the time of the initial free falk (15 min) to get to know each other and understand the topic of the request

Step 3 - Session (60 minutes) is paid only if you decide to continue. During the first session, we will understand your request and collect general information

Step 4 - If you decide to continue you pay for the first session and we plan next one

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на одной ногеPositive psychotherapy approach

Positum (in Latin) - real, actual, available. Actually not only problems exist but also the client's ability to overcome them. The client who comes for counseling "brings" not only a problem but a hidden ability to solve it. With a positive approach, we open and show these abilities for him and find a new way out of the situation.

"The following story gives a clear idea of ​​what a positive approach is. The situation of the client in many ways similar to the one of man who for a long time standing on one leg. After a while, overloaded leg muscles begin to cramp. He barely keeps his balance. Already hurts not only the foot but the whole body. Pain becomes unbearable, the person is asking for help. Everybody around us is trying every way to help him. One massage injured leg. Another undertakes a cramped neck and massages it too. Third, seeing than man soon will lose balance, he offers his hand for support.

People standing around recommend leaning on their hands to make it easier to stand. And a wise old man suggests thinking that a man standing on one leg may feel quite lucky compared to those who do not have legs. And is a well-wisher who suggests our hero imagine himself a spring and stronger he focuses on this, the sooner end his suffering will come.

A serious, thoughtful, kind old man utters: Sleep on it. Finally, there is one more asks poor man: Why are you standing on one leg? Straighten the other leg and stand on it. You've got the second leg. "

"Merchant and the Parrot" N. Peseshkian 

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