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Life and Executive coach Kiev

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Let me introduce myself. My name is Mikhail Dickey, I'm personal life, and business (executive) coach and this is my official website, welcome!  I work online and in Kyiv in English and Russian.

You are probably wondering who a coach is and what his services give. I will tell you how effective it is and what you will get if you use my services.

"Coaching is creating an environment that makes it easier to move towards goals" Timothy Golvey, Founder of Coaching

“Coaching is a partnership aimed at creating and implementing change, providing a clear understanding of path and support towards a goal” is a short definition of Erickson University.

Personal life and business coach

The method was created in the USA and uses the best features of psychotherapy and consulting, which contributes to the achievement of goals.

Personal coaching

Personal coaching - when coach “leads” client through life, that is, he works individually with his requests. The client does not need to retell the situation over and over again. Your coach already knows it all and you can effectively use the time to build a strategy for achieving a goal. By asking questions, the coach will help you to determine goals, expected results, and ways to achieve it.

Life coaching

Works with life issues that do not relate to an organization in which a person works.

Executive/  business /organizational coaching

As the name suggests, this is working with organizations and businesses, with company executives and entrepreneurs to help them achieve goals in their companies and organizations.

How does coaching differ from mentoring, psychotherapy, consulting, and training?

In consulting, a consultant has the expertise, so he sells it and says: "do it like this"

In mentoring, a mentor has extensive experience, therefore, advises how to do better

In psychotherapy, we work on finding a resource and understanding the causes of a problem, the focus is inward and past with perspective to present and future.

In life and executive coaching, resources are already there and there is an understanding of where to move. Focus on the future.

Sport coach trains the specific skill of athlete, says “this is right and this is not”,

Life coaching also deals with the psychological aspects of skills and extracts all expertise from the client himself. A life coach does not tell what is right and what is not, he draws the client's expertise and experience with the help of questions and techniques focus on achieving a measurable concrete result in the future. With the help of a coach's services, you can engage in self-realization and development of your strengths, build strategies, and enter a new productive state.

Personal life and organizational coaching are similar to psychological counseling and regular training where people talk.

  • One session - one request (very specific)
  • A multifaceted approach to various areas of life
  • Not only helps to build goals, but also solve problems
  • Provides tools for dealing with similar situations in future
  • Based on psychology, takes into account the emotions and personality of a person
  • coaching kiev 1No advice, helps the client find solutions himself

Life business coach session requests

You can come for an individual coach session with such topics

    • lack of strength, lack of meaning, lack of change, but you want changes
    • I want to move to a higher level, earn more
    • I don't have time
    • confused and want to change
    • goals, how to define and how to achieve
    • talents and abilities how to develop
    • no confidence and motivation
    • I want to become a leader, develop skills
    • balance, health, career, harmonious relationships
    • spiritual search
    • time management

Coach me: typical coaching requests

1. want faster - use opportunities rationally and achieve your goal quickly

2. want best - get most out of possibilities

3.want harmony - want balance and freedom

4. want efficiency

5. want development as a person

coaching kiev 2 Life and business coach questions resolved

  • how to integrate work and personal life
  • learn to build relationships
  • get rid of communication problems
  • remove psychological clamps
  • overcome personal crisis
  • develop emotional intelligence
  • find yourself, your business, path, meaning
  • find a solution to difficult life situations
  • build personal strategies, in business, at work
  • develop personal qualities for mastering skills
  • organization and planning

1. Learn to stop being distracted by unnecessary tasks

2. Get rid of excuses, stop lying to yourself

3. Learn to get things done.

4. Quickly analyze and find a way out of the situation using coach tools

5. Forget about helplessness. “I can't” change to “I want and I will”

What a coach does

  • Become a partner on the path to a goal, not a teacher or guru
  • Supports and helps to analyze
  • Provides tools for change and awareness

What coach doesn't do

  • does not assess personality
  • does not teach, does not engage in consulting
  • does not engage in consolation and pity
  • does not conduct psychotherapy or play games
  • does not encourage your laziness and inaction
  • does nothing for you
  • coaching

Personal coach communication


Conversation with a coach is different from the usual


  • Non-judgmental acceptance - no labels, no judgments, you are accepted as you are
  • Openness - your ideas can be expressed as you want, nothing will hold back
  • Trust - you will be able to speak honestly and not be afraid that you will be set up or misused information
  • Security - nothing said to coach will be transferred to third parties without your consent, confidentiality is complete

Sessions with life and business coach

One session takes 45 minutes, by prior arrangement this time can be reduced or increased. frequency of meetings should be sufficient so that you have time to move towards your goal. Meeting without you doing what you decided to do does not make sense, there will be no movement forward.

the session begins with the elaboration of questions, certain conclusions are made, tasks are set, an implementation plan is formed, a break is made for a couple of weeks (for example) to implement a plan, next session is held, at which implementation of previous goals is discussed and new ones are set.

the difference with coaching is that you don't need many sessions per week. You independently work on moving forward every day and come to coach only when goals are achieved and you need help in building new ones. Sometimes clients need support (kicks) throughout the week to motivate and stimulate accountability. The amount and format of such controls are discussed further.

How many coaching sessions needed

Usually, 3 to 5 sessions are needed, rarely less. Of course, this can differ depending on individual preferences. Someone chooses a more relaxed pace, but someone needs just one session.

LIfe coach costs