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Coaching online


Many people know the names of sports stars, but if you will be asked the last name of Pele's (soccer), Muhammad Ali's (boxing), Wayne Gretsky's (hockey) coach, you might not know. Most often we don’t know those who are behind the success of Champions. Coaches don’t have to be star athletes to be qualified to coach stars.

 At one time, in the United States, this was noticed and a method was developed that uses the best sides of psychotherapy, consulting, and training. Many world-famous people, billionaires, film actors actively use the services of coaches (including Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Clint Eastwood, Ophrah Winfrey, many others)

Coaching will help you to discover your hidden potential as well as obstacles that block your success this is a particularly strong way to work in individual sessions to achieve personal professional goals develop skills and abilities. You will be able to rethink all areas of life, clearly see your true desires, values, mission. Will increase overall awareness,
get practical skills that you can immediately apply. You will learn to set goals and achieve them without psychological difficulties, Find a new taste for life and fulfillment. The complete list of advantages you will find below.


Coaching unlocks a person's potential to maximize his effectiveness
Timothy Golvey, Coaching Founder

Life coach

Yom might want to consider life coach online services if you want to

  • develop skills for effective interaction with people, overcome conflict,
  • find a balance between personal and professional development,
  • identify development opportunities,
  • coach online 2

    identify areas of their personal growth
  • find possible personal limitations.
  • realize scenarios choose the best of them
  • gain confidence in your abilities
  • expand "perception of the world"
  • change stereotypical thinking to flexibility and variability
  • Truly begin to enjoy your life and achieve success
  • will help in developing skills of effective interaction with people
  • overcome conflict, find a balance between work, family free time
  • move a stagnant business from its place, cope with an internal crisis
  • find a balance between personal and professional development,
  • determine development opportunities, identify areas of your personal growth
  • develop short-term long-term goals, find a resource to achieve them
  • change usual stereotypical thinking for flexibility variability
  • start living your life truly achieve success in it
  • save time on working out various strategies, y
  • ou can get rid of internal barriers walking "in circles" that devour your time energy do not allow you to achieve desired results

Life coach near me - online is better

A personal life coach online is the best solution for you if you want to work towards your goals. The convenience of service is that if you have a personal professional coach always one click away online.
This format is widespread, coaching differs from psychotherapy in that it is directed towards the future and is used to help healthy people. I specialize in life coaching, career, and organizational coaching (that is, helping business leaders). In general, there is a huge variety of coaches - from sports coaches to nutrition or sex coaches.

Online life coach in Zoom, Whatsapp, Viber Skype benefits

  • Online coaching is gaining more popularity. It is extremely convenient.
  • you can contact any coach anywhere in the world. Even if there are no good specialists in your city
  • time savings are enormous. First, coaching itself allows you to split the session into small segments of 15 minutes not waste extra time. Plus online work that you do not need to spend several hours traveling to the coach's office back.
  • Online services are cheaper since there are no costs associated with renting premises travel.
  • This is the most flexible format of work - as mentioned above, you can choose a convenient duration of sessions (15, 30, 45 minutes) frequency. Frequency is not limited to a break of several days as in psychotherapy.

Online coaching via skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, Zoom requirements

  • To conduct a high-quality coach session online, you need a high-speed Internet connection.
    As a rule, you need from 130 kbit / s, higher, more stable video connection better sound.
  • It is desirable to have a web camera.
  • It is also useful to have a headset, that is, headphones with a microphone (preferably). Often, a microphone, like a video camera, is already built into your laptop, tablet, phone, or computer.
  • Any video calling software will do. By way, since this is not psychotherapy, you can even do without video communication if you wish, but talk like on the phone.
    Thus, no matter where you are - on a business trip or vacation, online - you can always use a coach's services in your language.

Certified life coach coach online 1

Imagine that several years of life have passed and nothing has changed. What are your feelings about this? If you don't like sensations, you don't see meaning satisfaction. Then, probably, online coaching is needed.

If you are confused, there is not enough internal impulse kick to start achieving your goals, if you are emotionally devastated feel a crisis - coaching will help. If you feel stagnant in your work or business does not understand how to move on to your goals, then the coach can select tools to extract your resources to move forward.

It is better to contact a certified life coach at a stage when there are energy resources not wait until the services of a psychotherapist or psychiatrist are required. Self-reflection, not leading to action, only burns your energy, which is needed to achieve success in all areas of life.

Professional coaching, not a self-help 

Of course, you can read books experiment with yourself. This can also work, but if you have already tried it yourself it turns out badly or slowly, then it is probably better to use the help of a specialist. Of course, you can pick a wall with tools at hand, or you can drill the hole you need with a drill.
Without support from outside, they often give up it is difficult to see an obvious way out. coach is interested in your success because it is his job, not just an idle interest in your life. Probably faced with a situation when quality support is needed, but it is not. Or just a person does not want to delve into your problems, let alone help solve them. coach has time this time is devoted exclusively to your task goals.
It is personal coaching that is distinguished by personal support. coach does not know better but helps to find answers solutions with the help of questions exercises. This personal support is individually focused, making it much easier to gain understanding results.
An adult does not need instruction or being led by hand-pulled towards a goal. An adult has enough experience skills to achieve a result. My task is to activate these skills knowledge to implement them.

Online coaching price

The cost of a coach can vary greatly depending on how long you want sessions on how often you need support between sessions. All this can be discussed during the initial consultation. In any case, online coaching is cheaper than face-to-face coaching, since money is not spent on travel to an office, money is not spent on renting premises.


Set  up for an appointment with a personal online coach

Step 1 - you leave your contacts in form or press the green button below or message me in one of the messengers “I need a session”
Step 2 - we agree on the time of initial free falk (15 min) to get to know each other. During the initial conversation, we will discuss your request (situation now and what you would like to achieve). You will understand how comfortable it is with me in communication, I will tell you how you can move towards solving your request.  You send a payment for the first session.
Step 3 - First session (45 minutes) after prepayment is confirmed.