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Psychologist Kiev

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Most of my clients are adults who care about their quality of life and live in tight schedules (IT specialists, company executives, Russian-speaking emigrants, entrepreneurs, and middle managers). I do not work with children, except for career guidance (from 15 years old).

I will be glad to help if you trust me with your experiences and pain. I have 10 years of experience in advising on various topics.

Why psychological help is needed

Everyone who has used the services of a psychologist understands the difference between "before" and "after". You gain answers and insights you have struggled with for years by reading books and communicating with friends and family. I was also consulted in the learning process and many of my problems have also gone so far that it is even difficult to remember.

Therefore, if you are tired and there is no energy to walk in circles without solving important issues, psychological help is what you need. This is a good way to feel the joy of life again, build good relationships with loved ones, and make your dreams and desires come true.

Psychologist in Kyiv: what topics to deal with

  • There are tasks of self-development
  • There are situational issues that recur
  • It's hard to find a way out of the situation
  • Disturbing emotional state
  • Fears, obsessions, depression
  • Difficult relationships, divorce, jealousy, loneliness
  • Don't know what the problem is, but want to find out
  • Can't build good relationships at work or at home
  • A more complete list of topics can be found on the main page.


What is the difference between psychological counseling and psychotherapy

I also do psychotherapy, the list below will help you understand the difference between these similar services.

1. A psychologist does not work with mentally unhealthy people when your condition is outside the neurotic spectrum

2. Rational approach and solution of situational problems.

3. Great activity and independence of the client

4. In psychotherapy, the nature of the complaint is associated with an inability to control oneself (lack of a resource), while in psychological counseling, a complaint is associated with a lack of understanding of how to do it (there is a resource)

5. In psychological consulting, the focus is on changing individual attitudes and aspects of personality, in psychotherapy, the focus is on the whole personality as a whole.

6. relationship with the client is more formal, there is no focus on transference and countertransference in the relationship with the therapist, as in psychotherapy.

7. Short term work of 3-5 sessions

8. Psychotherapy requires long-term work, the ability of a client to self-observation, and introspection, this

a more complex format of work.

Search for a psychologist-psychotherapist in Kyiv

Now a huge number of specialists offer their services in Kiev. To find your psychologist, you first need to look at their experience, education, and client feedback. And of course, use your intuition

If you see that the psychologist is qualified and experienced, talk to him before you pay for his services. Of course, in psychological counseling, the personality of a psychologist is not as important as in psychotherapy because of the short-term nature of work and characteristics of contact, but it is still better if you feel that the psychologist understands you, he has a clear structure and understanding of how to work with your request and comfortable with it. I always offer such a 15-minute conversation free of charge before the consultation. And the client pays for the very first consultation if he wants to continue working with me further. So clients do not need to spend money if we do not fit each other. This is convenient and removes the fear that psychologists will disappear after receiving money. Of course, the cost of services themselves also matters. The more experienced a specialist is, the more expensive his services are, but everyone will be able to find themselves a specialist within their means. I will be glad to help if you choose me.

psychologist1My psychologist services: benefits

1. I treat every client with respect, without judgments, ratings, and labels, regardless of what you decide to apply

2. I constantly improve my level (you will see this by an abundance of certificates), I regularly take supervision

3. I will be honest if during the initial conversation I understand that I cannot help or I have doubts - I will redirect to an appropriate specialist or tell me in what format I can help.

4. If I see that there is no real need for my services, I will not impose them. quality of work is more important to me than meaningless meetings.

5. I guarantee confidentiality and anonymity (they are governed by USP and WAPP codes of ethics in which I am a member)

6. I do not work with absolutely all requests, I understand my limitations.

7. You can always get to know me before the consultation, read my articles, talk.

8. I have a flexible work schedule - if agreed, I can work quickly and on weekends.

9. I offer my 10 years of experience and success in advising various clients.

The cost of consulting a psychologist in Kiev

An in-person appointment in Kiev will be more expensive than online consultations, as it is necessary to pay additional rent (this is about 80-150 UAH per hour). Of course, you also need to take into account your expenses and time in order to travel to consultation. In general, online services are more convenient and cheaper for the same quality, but a real meeting may be more comfortable for some clients. Prices for psychologist services can be found on the main page.

How to make an appointment with a psychologist in Kiev

In the modern world, nothing separates the services of a psychologist and a client. Even if you live in another city, country, or on another continent, a psychologist and his service are just a click away.

If you read reviews of my clients, you will see excellent results and efficiency in practical application. That is why I position myself as an online psychologist. The future belongs to this format - speed, convenience, economy, and at the same time high quality of contact and speed of problem-solving.

Even if you are in Kyiv, the online mode is convenient when you go on a business trip or get sick. (or, for example, during quarantine) and cannot physically come to the office for an appointment.

My office is near Levoberezhnaya metro station. But if you want we can rent an hourly office in your area as needed. To register, click on the "sign up" button below or call me or write in any convenient way of communication, which you will find on the "contacts" tab.

What is the difference between an online and offline session with a psychologist?

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An offline session is possible by appointment. Despite the convenience and effectiveness of online sessions, some clients prefer face-to-face meetings.

For these purposes, I rent hourly offices in different areas of the city (depending on the location of the client) and payment of this rent is added to the cost of consultation - therefore, this format is more expensive and requires additional time to get to a place where the meeting will be held.

I may come for a session in your area. To do this, you need to rent an office hourly in your area (discussed additionally). I do not go to homes and offices and do not consult in cafes and restaurants.

There are many options for renting premises hourly in different areas of the city, here you can see how the most popular locations look. (to be specified)

As practice shows, online consultations are no less, and sometimes more effective, than full-time ones, but it's up to you.