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Offline sessions with a psychologist

Counseling sessions - meetings which allow you to identify disturbing situation (it is not always that obvious and clear to us) and take decision together with a consultant on how to deal with it later. Usually, counseling lasts up to 10 sessions, unlike psychotherapy that can take much longer.

My task at this stage is to help you with the situation and find a solution. My role is not the role of doctor or guru that prescribes you a magical solution, I'm rather a couch, equal partner that helps you to find the right strategy, that you want to implement to change the situation for better.

I can help:

  • to understand the situation and find a way out of it.
  • you listen to yourself and learn the tools and strategies for self-help in the future.
  • to help understand the state of your soul and its desires.
  • believe in yourself and your strength.
  • find more resources in yourselves to deal with the situation.
  • get a new experience that will help you to reach success in life, love, work

I can not:

  • take responsibility for your life and your choice.
  • know what is best for you.
  • give advice.
  • evaluate your life or individual actions as an expert
  • to ensure the success of the consultation. 

What is the difference between an online and offline session with a psychologist?

An offline session is possible by appointment. Despite the convenience and effectiveness of online sessions, some clients prefer face-to-face meetings.

For these purposes, I rent hourly offices in different areas of the city (depending on the location of the client) and payment of this rent is added to the cost of the consultation - therefore, this format is more expensive and requires additional time to get to the place where the meeting will be held.

It is possible that I come for a session in your area. To do this, you need to rent an office hourly in your area (discussed additionally). I do not go to homes and offices and do not consult in cafes and restaurants.

There are many options for renting premises hourly in different areas of the city, here you can see how the most popular locations look. (rental prices may vary, to be specified)

 As practice shows, online consultations are no less, and sometimes more effective, than full-time ones, but it's up to you.

A session with a psychologist in Kyiv. How to start? 5 simple steps

Step 1 - you leave your contacts in the application (and I will contact you myself) or write to me in one of the messengers “I need a consultation”

Step 2 - We agree on the time of the initial free session (15 min) to get to know and understand the topic of the request

Step 3 - We agree on the time and place of the first session (50 minutes) (it is paid only if you decide to continue working with me)

Step 4  - you make an advance payment for the rental of the premises (usually 80-150 UAH / hour, depending on the location) and we conduct the first session

Step 5 - If you decide to continue the work, you pay for the first session, and we plan the next

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What does the psychologist's office look
kabinet 1like?

Most often I use an office near the metro station Levoberezhnaya (since I live nearby), but sometimes I reserve an office near the metro station Maidan Nezalezhnosti. In principle, you can find a room for hourly rental in your area (upon agreement). This is what I usually rent.

Office 1 (beige) - 120 UAH / hour

Address m. Maidan Nezalezhnosti, st. Mikhailovskaya 24V, intercom 42.

These are rented premises. therefore, it is important to arrive by appointment on time and l
eave on time. If you are late - the consultation will be reduced by the time you are late.

 It is important to understand. unlike online session when it is delayed, then you will need to pay for the next hour of rent, even if this delay was 5 minutes long. For these reasons, the duration of the session is 50 minutes.

оffice 2

Office 2 (blue)
Address: metro Levoberezhnaya. Tourist hotel, office 1911 (19th floor) - 80 UAH / hour


To arrange a consultation time - write to instant messengers (contacts tab) or click "sign up an appointment" and leave a request

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