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EMDR therapy Kiev

Despite the convenience and efficiency of online therapy that I perform, some clients prefer offline meetings in Kyiv. This does not affect the quality of EMDR therapy  Face-to-face meetings are slightly more expensive than online because you pay for a rental of premises.

What is EMDR therapy?

ДПДГ движения

EMDR - eye movement desensitization and processing is perhaps the fastest method for dealing with trauma, stress, fear, anxiety, and obsessive thoughts today. Since it works delicately at the level of neurophysiology.

Each person processes negative information received during the day in a dream (in the rapid eye movement phase), so the psyche protects us. But sometimes there is too much negativity, and processing does not take place, which causes flashbacks (memories) with bodily manifestations (trembling, tears, etc.). A person's self-image s also damaged and needs to be restored.

I was trained and certified by American specialists, they are founders of the method. Russian version of EMDR is somewhat distorted and you will encounter a lot of criticism on the Internet.

EMDR 1Eye Movements Desensitization and Processing: History of Origin

American Francis Shapiro, a woman not at all connected with psychology, discovered breast cancer while writing her doctorate in philology. She plunged into a gloomy state and heavy thoughts about the future. This lasted for some time, until in the spring of 1987, walking in the park, she suddenly caught herself thinking that she suddenly felt better and heavy thoughts were gone. She began to analyze what had happened and realized that in dark moments her eyes moved in a certain way. Then she began to deliberately move her eyes in a horizontal plane and noticed that the negative coloring of thoughts disappeared.

Shapiro is recovering from cancer, studying to be a psychologist, and embarking on research and development of a method, having received several large grants. At first, the new method did not have the word “processing” in its name, but in 90 it was added, it is the processing of negative information that takes place. It has been confirmed by research. This method is now recognized as a stand-alone method and is recommended for the treatment of stress disorders by WHO.

Contraindications to working with EMDR in person in Kiev

the main contraindication is the inability to speak sensibly and be aware of reality due to

- diagnosed psychiatric problems (unless a psychiatrist owns the EMDR method)

- a decrease in mental abilities

Also, in case of problems with epilepsy, it is not advisable to carry out DPDG, since rhythmic movements can cause a seizure (but this is individually decided by the attending physician)

How EMDR works in face-to-face therapy in Kiev

In a face-to-face consultation, the method works in the same way as in an online session, the only difference is that online limits technique directly to eye movements that follow a moving object on the screen, and in a real meeting, you can also use tapping on shoulders or sound.

The process also restarts the processing of negative experiences and bilateral (that is, bilateral) stimulation acts, like online, there are no differences at the level of neural connections.

The convenience of the method is that it can be combined well with other techniques. Similar negative events are combined into groups and when one of them is processed, the rest is also partially processed.

psychotherpapy kiev 3


EMDR depression, anxiety, trauma therapy technique

To begin with, it is necessary that a person mentally choose a place where he is safe. (this can be a real or imagined place). This is done for safety reasons, in order to reduce stress levels in the presence of intense experiences.

Selected traumatic experience, preferably earlier or more acute stress level is estimated now on a scale

A suitable negative self-image is chosen in this situation.

Work in series (through eye movements, tapping, or clicks of fountain pens)

After each series, the result is assessed until negative sensations are completely eliminated.

Then the opposite positive view is chosen

The process is repeated, but this time to build up positive belief

The protocol for face-to-face and online work is no different. There is a complete and abridged version. In full development - integration of a positive self-image is added. In an abridged version, only negative emotions are worked through.

The frequency of meetings is 1 per week (maximum 2) and the number of sessions per situation (depending on its branching and severity) from 4 to 20 sessions (in severe cases).

EMDR 3Why you shouldn't do EMDR yourself

the technique seems to be quite simple, and people think that by reading books or articles on the Internet, they can do it without the help of a specialist. However, in independent work, strong emotional states can arise, which are difficult to cope with without a specialist and processing can stop after some improvement. A specialist can overcome such a processing stop, but the client cannot, special skills are required.

This is typically due to fear of re-trauma or intense emotion, or some benefit from a secondary or complex combination of these factors. Accordingly, it is difficult to achieve full study in independent work, much still depends on the degree and nature of the injury. Residual stresses are also not always recognizable by the client. And of course, entering and exiting technology also needs the supervision of a specialist, you will not find information about this on the Internet.

Price for EMDR psychology treatment in Kiev

The cost of therapy in person is more expensive than an online format for the cost of renting an office (usually from 80-150 hryvnia). You also need to take into account the time spent on travel to the office. an office can be rented in your area of ​​Kyiv (by agreement). So if you still prefer the face-to-face format, write to me about it.

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