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Career Coaching Kiev

career 1Studies show that most people are unhappy with their jobs. It is impossible to achieve success to receive good remuneration in activities that you do not like, since there will always be people who like this business, they will naturally put more energy, time effort to achieve results.

There are important questions in life: “What to become?”, “How to find work of a lifetime?”, “How to find a job that would be to your liking?”, “How can I understand where I can achieve maximum?”, “What makes me unique ? ".

It's great that now there is something to rely on in search of the right answer to important questions of career guidance.

A career test followed by one hour of counseling will help you understand where your unique personality can be successful. What type of education and career path will most fully reveal your talent's abilities? Since every person is multifaceted, career guidance online, or in-person in Kyiv will help you to realize all your facets and direct your talents to the most productive channel.

The advantage of working with me is that in addition to actually testing questionnaires, you can talk discuss these results hear recommendations specifically for your personality type, your interests, skills, experience, values.

If you clearly understand your strengths weaknesses, facets, features of character values, it will be easier for you to find your favorite business work with joy high motivation.

How to choose career help in Kiev

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There are a huge number of tests on the Internet, both free very expensive, to determine career guidance. Why I offer my services I think this is a smart choice.

Free tests are too general, narrow down the search a little certainly do not rely on your unique situation experience. Plus, to analyze the result of such tests, it would also be nice to have a consultation with a psychologist.

Professional expensive tests from leading brands are probably good, but the price is too high since the product is branded. Just like an iPhone (made in China), any other Chinese phone can differ in price by several times, having approximately the same characteristics. Another disadvantage is that only one or two areas are analyzed (for example, skills, interests) often your previous experience is not collected, personal work values, in some of them there are consultations on test results, in some you need to buy extra such a consultation.

My format involves an analysis of several areas (personality type, skills, interests, values, abilities, experience). Not just a set of questionnaires, questionnaires, tests, without interpreting results, but also an hour-long consultation online or in-person in Kyiv. This creates the most voluminous picture for the client a clear understanding of where to go where not.

If you are categorically against testing questionnaires, then you can take career guidance in a coaching format - I will give homework for research itself, then we will discuss them thus more slowly, at your own pace, but consciously thoughtfully approach the choice of direction, although it will be longer more expensive (for the price of a coaching session they will need at least three).

Why is it important to get job coach guidance as quickly as possible?

Unfortunately, a teenager has to make a professional choice when he does not understand himself, hormones are seething, there is not enough experience to rely on. Often they rely on some kind of fantasy about what content of work is based on films, books, stories of friends, of course, parental views on what needs to be done in life.

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These views may also be outdated or very little based on

a real understanding of demand, trends, prospects.

Therefore, pro orientation tests reduce the risk

s of the wrong choice of profession, loss of many years to achieve imaginary goals. A huge amount of resources can be wasted, absolutely not commensurate with the cost of testing for career guidance.

When an adult a working person realized that he had gone somewhere in the wrong place, in the wrong place, career guidance will help to save resources, most importantly, time to turn around or adjust a career. value of understanding where to go where not is incommensurate with losses that you incur when you stand still in a fog without clarity or go in the opposite direction.

But even if you are in your place successful, it is still useful to periodically analyze your interest's talents to understand where to develop further.

We change with age, our interest values ​​change, so the direction of the career profession can also change over time this is normal. It is testing with subsequent consultation that helps to understand this.

If a person is not in his place, then there is a great danger of developing psychosomatic diseases against a background of dissatisfaction, stress, suppressed aggression, internal conflict. If you are now observing any of these manifestations, you should seriously think about the fact that delaying the search for your own business can have a detrimental effect on your health quality of life in general.

Career counseling in Kyiv is for you if

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  •  Thinking about education
  • Want to make learning more meaningful focused (to develop strengths)
  • I would like to understand the prospects of various selected areas
  • Choose a specialty that will build on your strengths
  • Find out in what other areas (besides the main one) you can develop
  • Understand which position will be most comfortable
  • Draw up a possible professional development plan.
  • Thinking about further professional development
  • Thinking to change your field of activity
  • Thinking about a second degree
  • Think about what strengths skills can still be developed;
  • You have reached “ceiling” in your position are thinking where to develop further;
  • Realized that you are in a wrong place do not your own business;
  • Want to understand prospects for professional development
  • Don't enjoy your job
  • Postponing work for later

What you get after career guidance in Kiev

  • understanding the structure of how to proceed based on recommendations received
  • you will be able to flexibly approach the choice of a profession based on personal characteristics, values, skills, interests, experience
  • for adolescents from 15 years of age, understanding in choosing a specialty at a university
  • understand what ignites motivates to development
  • understand areas of interest, ability to cope with conflicts
  • better understand yourself your unique inner world

 Set up vocational guidance in-person in Kiev

1. Sign up for a consultation (by button below) or contact me in any other way specified in the contacts

2. We conduct a free initial 15-minute conversation, where I explain in more detail how testing will be carried out agree on details.

3. I send by mail questionnaires tests for self-completion.

4. Send me results we will schedule an in-person consultation

5. One-hour consultation (if it is a 15-year-old teenager, then in the presence of parents) where we discuss test results share recommendations for choosing a professional education.

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