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Career Counseling Online


There is a big difference between "WANT to go to work" and "NEED to go to work".

“Find something you enjoy doing, and you will not have to work a single day! “

Experience shows that a very small percentage (up to 10%) of children understand what they want in life. In most cases, someone chooses an occupation for us. Hence result in dissatisfaction with life, which is shown by the research of recruiting agencies. People feel out of place, unfulfilled, and burn out quickly.

Every adult can start a conscious life and decide what path in life he wants.

Of course, you will need to fill out many questionnaires, and tests send me for analysis, but in just an hour of the session, you will be able to find the answer to tormenting questions - what work will be filled with passion and how occupation truly inspires and will lead to success.

Career counseling will give you

1. Deep comprehensive analysis of interests, abilities, talents

2. Recommendations for choosing a profession, taking into account type of personality, life values, priorities

3. Follow up plan (how where to look for the next steps)

4. Learn which skills are worth developing and which ones to give up

5. How to build a career and keep your family together. Choosing a profession based on values.

6. There will be a clear understanding of  what kind of work will bring the greatest satisfaction

You don't have an endless amount of time to try everything. It is important to find an occupation that you like quickly and build your career.

I propose to change your life and find the profession of your dreams.

Vocational guidance in for adults (teenagers from 15 years old in the presence of parents).

career 2Career counseling online is for you

  • If you feel like you are in the wrong place
  • Tasks that can be done in a day are postponed over a month
  • If you want to change your life radically, but don't know what to do
  • Not interested in a profession you are doing
  • You can hardly force yourself to go work in the morning wait for Friday all week
  • A haunted thought at work: what am I doing here? Who needs all this?
  • Want to be realized outside your home family
  • Sadness, stress, depression you regular feelings about work

Even if only one of the points coincides, it is advisable to find a psychologist go through career guidance as soon as possible.

How to get career coaching services

1. Press the "set up an appointment" button below - I will contact you and we will discuss everything that interests you agree on details. Or you can write, call me yourself (this is faster) using any of the methods specified in contacts

2. You pay for a session, I send tests questionnaires to fill out

3. After filling out, send me results via email.

4. I will review results and we will plan an individual session to discuss results (it takes 60 minutes).

5. After consultation - I send my recommendations based on results of testing, where it is best to study work, taking into account personal characteristics, skills, interests, values.

Career counseling online: free versus paid

I wonder if free career counseling online exists. Probably if you found one, someone else paid for you (some NGO or government). And it's not bad if you are able to find one.

The Internet is filled with free tests. Any tests are quite generalized and have been developed in the last century, so they need to be adapted. Also, unfortunately, they were not made specifically for a specific life situation needs.

Even if you pass free testing, it is unlikely that the search circle will narrow down much, or you will not be able to understand what these results mean and apply. It's good to get an answer “Congratulations! Your field: is human-human "," you are an excellent leader "but this is unlikely to greatly narrow search for the job of your dreams. The advantage of working with a career guidance consultant is that he first collects your unique information about a previous experience using questionnaires and questionnaires, will be able to analyze how this is combined with personality type and how it all fits in with life and work values and priorities.

That is why a point of paid work is not only to get recommendations but also to talk over results with a consultant, so after feedback from you, he further narrows the range of choice and gives more specific answers. You get a three-dimensional picture of "who I am"! and what direction I should choose.

career 4The career guidance online is effective

You can read reviews of my clients about this. It's always better to get objective feedback from outside. That is why consultation itself is preceded by a testing and questioning procedure. But the most important thing is my analysis of the information from you.

Imagine that a broken refrigerator was measured from all sides with instruments and you are given a long list of different indicators. This is cool, but who can help you understand this dataset and what needs to be replaced? That is why there I'm certified to help people to decipher information from tests, questionnaires, conversations about a search for a vocation.

Of course, if you expect a consultant to take responsibility for life to choose what to do for you, then there will be no result.

Most tests for career assessment tests, even good ones examine one or two areas. I take a coaching approach that will be tailored to your individual preferences based on the information you provide, not just general recommendations.

I offer 2 options.

OPTION 1 - Career coaching format

How the assessment process looks like in online coaching format

Step 1 - you press the green button below or message me in one of the messengers “I need a session”

Step 2 - we agree on the time of initial free falk (15 min) to get to know each other understand the request

Step 3 -  Prepayment for the first session (45 minutes). During the first session, I will collect general information and plan the strategy of work.

During the next several sessions, we will be discussing the results of this assignment to narrow your career field. By doing that you will have insight about your potential career path steps that you might need to take to achieve your career goals. In each session, we will discuss home assignments and set new ones to move forward.

OPTION 2 - Package of preliminary tests and 60 minutes career guidance session

Carrier assessment tests plus session online.

Step 1 - you press the green button below and message me in one of the messengers “I need a session”

Step 2 - we agree on the time of initial free falk (15 min) to get to know each other understand the topic of the request

Step 3 - Session (60 minutes) is paid in advance

Step 4 - When I confirm payment I will send you a set of questionnaires tests to till in we set up a time for the session

During the session, we will be discussing the results of tests to narrow your career field. By doing that you will have insight about your potential career path steps that you might need to take to achieve your career goals.

Pricing for career coaching

Reviews of a career coach

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