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 Answers to frequently asked questions

 What should I expect in the online counseling/therapy/coaching session?


After we add each other in messengers and set up the time of the session. I will give you a call and you describe briefly the Situation/topic that bothers you, then I ask you questions and together we will try to understand what is happening and look for a solution that suits you the best. Usually, the situation has been developing for some time, so you need to be patient. Finding a solution will take some time.
 I’m not a doctor or some sort of guru who gives advice and prescribes treatment, I'd rather be an equal partner who walks beside you and helps you choose the right strategy to achieve results using certain techniques and strategies.

 I can help:

  • Understand the situation and find a way out of it.
  • Help you learn to listen to yourself and master the tools and strategies of self-help in the future.
  • Help realize the state of your soul and its desires.
  • Help you to believe in yourself and your strength.
  • Find more vital resources.
  • Get new experience, which is necessary for a full life, love, work, work.

I cannot:

  • Take responsibility for your life and your choice
  • Know what is best for you
  • Give advice
  • Evaluate your life as an expert or judge your actions
  • Ensure the success of consultation.

How much does a session cost?

    Before the first consultation, we communicate a bit (usually up to 15 minutes) to clarify your request and agree on the form of payment, and so you and I can decide for yourself whether it’s comfortable to communicate. It is FREE.
  •  Payment is an integral part of the process, I have very moderate prices.
  • The fees should suit the consultant
  • The fees must be very sensitive to the client (otherwise work will be unconsciously depreciated)
  •  The fees shall not ruin the client’s budget (otherwise the client in the process will focus not on the content of the consultation, but on the fact of what he and the family have to starve)

How many sessions should I order to achieve a result?

The number of sessions depends on

  •   the content of your request,
  •   the methods,
  • and most importantly, on your desire to change something in your life

More in detail we can talk about it at the end of the initial consultation.

It is my first session, how should I start a conversation?

It is best to start with what brought you to the consultation: describe the problem, its brief history, and the desired result. Next, I'm probably going to ask you the questions, and you have the right to be as open as you feel comfortable. Don’t have to answer every question.

Is it possible to have a session in the late evening, early in the morning, or on weekends?

This is a great advantage of the session online -  it is possible to communicate virtually any time (by mutual agreement).

Myths about psychological help

The myth that psychologist can harm the psyche (like a surgeon with a scalpel) and seriously damage the human personality - in fact, people can change only if they agree to change and want to change, a psychologist cannot do anything to bypass the consciousness of the client
The myth that psychotherapy is a waste the money since psychotherapists can’t change you. Changes depend entirely on you - a psychologist may help you see the path of changes, the cause of your problems, but the steps to change the situation is entirely in your hands.
 таблетка Psychotherapy or counseling can be painful. In fact, anxiety and its energy is needed to overcome the psychological problems/

The psychotherapist has a "magic pill". None can guarantee the success of consultation. There are no «magic» tips or “pills”. Changes need time, and often a worsening of symptoms and pain - this is the price that could be paid to change for the better.  

"Why do you want to go to a psychologist? Maybe it’ll go away over time? I’m not crazy to go to a psychotherapist!

"I am satisfied with my life, we don’t quarrel very often, and work more or less well together, we have plenty of food to eat, go to vacations, children dressed and fed, but sometimes it hurts to have the feeling that life is mundane and uninteresting. Life is static, with no apparent problems. If I go to a psychologist, "What do I tell him? That everything is fine? "
зубная больUsually, people say, don’t repair if it’s not broken. When you will be on the verge of divorce – then you might want to use a psychologist, In the meantime, do not waste your money. Don’t you have friends to talk to? ".

Do you go to the dentist when a tooth is completely destroyed and has to be taken out, or when you see the first signs of tooth decay and browning on enamel? Why not say to ourselves, "maybe it will go away by itself?", "Maybe it's not so bad?" - Because we know that delay can be very expensive.
A psychologist is a specialist to whom it is easier to prevent a problem than to liberate you from its emotional consequences. A psychologist is often perceived as the person taking the money for sincere conversation and renting out their ears.

If I cannot solve the problem myself, I'm a loser and completely crazy – this is how some people think. You don’t consider yourself a loser if you can’t treat your teeth, right?
This philosophy would have seemed ridiculous: you can’t hire a psychologist at the slightest changes that bother you, even when easy disorder or dissatisfaction in life is present. Why be ashamed of mental health? All the problems - in our minds, and how we live, depends entirely on what we think.