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Psychotherapist Kiev

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The goal of psychotherapy is to treat psycho-emotional disorders. The modern world is filled with stresses that give rise to such problems, I will help you quickly solve them. My specialization is individual work with adults.

Talk therapy in Kyiv when help is needed

Timely attention to emotional mental state is a sign of healthy self-care. People check the computer for viruses, buy protection for cars, but for some reason don’t care about themselves so much hope that everything will "work out somehow".

Some situations can cause unhealthy conflicting feelings or reactions - wedding, divorce or dismissal, the birth of a child, or a new position. The more inexplicable and inadequate reaction, the more destructive it is. Our body becomes a place for processing unconscious thoughts and feelings, psychosomatics comes, we get sick physically.

Talking therapy is taking care of your quality of life and yourself. When we buy a soft mattress, we want to improve the quality of sleep comfort, because we spend 8 hours in bed. Agree that it is important to improve the quality of comfort of life while awake. Pronouncing your experiences helps to extract processes hidden from understanding to the level of awareness and make them manageable controlled.

Some people reflect well enough to cope with difficulties on their own, some people need to develop skills of self-reflection awareness, then psychotherapy is needed.


Prevention and timely treatment are

always more effective cheaper than the treatment of advanced chronic conditions problems.

Even if you do not understand the reasons for what is happening, you should seek the help of a psychotherapist when you notice

  • imbalance, irritability
  • chronic fatigue, indifference to what is happening
  • inability to get rid of problems on your own
  • that the usual methods of relaxation do not help
  • inability to build relationships with people
  • fears, apathy, panic attacks
  • psychosomatics

If you seek help promptly, then you will not do much harm to yourself and those around you, change negative state and regain confidence, joy in life, and the desire to achieve goals.

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Therapy topics

Psychotherapy, in contrast to counseling, is not aimed at a single symptom, but at the personality, thinking, attitudes, and lifestyle of a person as a whole. The goal is to revise attitudes and strategies and changing them.

  • fears,(phobias), panic attacks, anxiety
  • low self-esteem, lack of confidence
  • finding yourself and the meaning of life
  • depression, discontent
  • sleep problems, insomnia, nightmares
  • difficult to make decisions, make choices
  • difficult to withstand uncertainty
  • stress, loneliness, conflicts, relationships
  • childhood trauma, violence
  • psychosomatic problems
  • neurosis, break ups, divorce, grief
  • psychological trauma, OCD
  • depression, apathy, loss of energy

Positive psychotherapy and other methods I use

There are over 400 different types of psychotherapy.  EMDR and positive psychotherapy allow the successful integration of various techniques for quick results. I also use some techniques from other methods (if necessary and requested)

  • selected techniques from transactional analysis
  • individual NPL techniques
  • non-directive hypnosis (trance states)
  • gestalt approach techniques
  • therapy of responsibility and acceptance of ACT

If you have experience in psychotherapy, then you can adjust my work focusing on those techniques that are good for you.

Psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist: what's different

They are all united by subject of work - the psyche, its states, features. Differences in approach, attitudes, objectives of the intervention, as well as functions.

A psychologist is a specialist with specialized humanitarian education, he cannot prescribe medicines works mainly on situational requests, removing symptoms using psychological techniques. He doesn't diagnose. Psychological consultations - a short-term type of assistance (up to 5 meetings)

Psychotherapist - can be a doctor or psychologist, owns a particular method of conversational psychotherapy (long-term training in one of the recognized methods, like a doctor, is based on practical work). If this is a doctor, then he has the right to prescribe medications, if a psychologist, then no. He mainly works with healthy people, with neuroses and borderline states (with emotional disorders without mental disorders). In serious cases, she can work with a psychiatrist. The so-called "combination therapy" - when a psychiatrist relieves an acute condition with medication and a psychotherapist works on behavioral changes using conversation therapy in parallel. Psychotherapy is usually a long process and is aimed at profound changes (from 10 meetings on average)

A psychiatrist is a doctor who works with serious mental disorders, both organic and reactive. He makes diagnoses of mental disorders, mainly works with psychoses. A psychiatrist can be seen periodically throughout life to maintain a healthy condition at the time of the diagnosis.

EMDR 2How to find your therapist

It is important to understand whether there are work experience and specialized education. As a rule, a specialist indicates this on his website. The more work experience, the more likely it is to help better. The feeling of communicating with a specialist is equally important. Pay attention to how easy and comfortable it is to communicate. This is important for building a therapeutic relationship, the success of working together depends to a large extent on it. If they can recommend a specialist to you, that's fine, but the methods that were successful for a friend will help you, all very individual.

In any case, it is worth calling chatting to understand exactly how comfortable you are. Sometimes methods that a specialist uses personally do not suit you, even though you are comfortable communicating he has a lot of work experience. In this case, it is also not worth delaying waiting for months for changes. If you see that there have been no positive dynamics for a long time - thank say goodbye, choose another method, another specialist. the main thing is not to be disappointed keep picking up until you see positive dynamics. Psychotherapy works, you need your psychotherapist with methods that work well in your case.

How many appointments are needed for talk therapy

The number of meetings is determined individually after the first consultation. You can feel the results and relief from the very first sessions, but for sustainable success, you need to find the causes of your condition and eliminate them.

It will take more time for qualitative changes, awareness, changes in behavior, a sense of inner freedom - usually about 10-30 sessions are needed. Everyone has their own pace and speed of movement to the result.

If you are serious about work made a decision on your own, do not undergo therapy at someone's request, then the result will be. If you do your homework, will be open, and will not expect a magic recipe, but take responsibility for results on yourself, then the probability of success of the therapy will be higher.

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