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Benefits of online counselling

Benefits of an online counseling

Internet communication is becoming commonplace: social networks, chats, video calls. In a second and almost free of charge, you can talk to a person on the other side of the earth. That is why the online format in psychology is becoming popular.

For the first time, online help of a psychologist appeared in 1997, and now, more than 20 years later, it is already a completely recognized, well-functioning, and thoughtful way of interacting with a client, if you wish, you can track facial expressions and reactions in real-time. This is especially popular now during the global self-isolation.

“The most important thing for the effective work of a psychologist is emotional contact. If iit's present, then it doesn't matter where you are - in the same room or on opposite sides of the screen "

10 main advantages of online psychologist counseling/therapy/coaching

1. галочка маленькаяJust as effective - Research from the University of Zurich (Switzerland) has proven that online counseling is no less effective, and sometimes even better than face-to-face meetings


галочка маленькая2. Flexible hours - extended and flexible hours of communication by a consultant in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere at any time: early in the morning and late in the evening and even on weekends


галочка маленькая3. Fast - convergence and therapeutic contact happen online faster, and despite the fact that I use short-term methods that give already from the first sessions,


4. галочка маленькаяWithout wasting extra time - Where it is convenient: right from home for busy people with a busy schedule and lack of time for long trips to a psychologist. In big cities, you need to spend several hours on the journey, taking into account traffic jams, for a busy person this is an unaffordable luxury.


галочка маленькая5. Complete confidentiality - you can communicate incognito, in complete confidentiality (you do not need to provide your contact details), or show up in psychological centers, where other people or other clients of the psychologist can see.


галочка маленькая6. Economical - save time and money on travel to a consultant, the fee does not include office rent, utilities, and psychologist's travel expenses


галочка маленькая7. Continuity and mobility - a psychologist is always a click away from you, even if you live in a remote area, or are temporarily abroad; This is important, as it is difficult with regular counseling to agree on your schedules, given the time you need to spend on travel. And if they leave, then therapy is interrupted and then it is difficult to restore the achieved achievements.


8галочка маленькая. Few limitations - Even if they have some limitations that do not allow visiting a psychologist in person, it's not an obstacle anymore. If you are experiencing difficulties in moving around  and for mothers with small children, this is the most convenient way to contact a psychologist


галочка маленькая9. Safety and freedom of expression - there is no embarrassment and discomfort, conflicting feelings, negative emotions associated with visiting an unfamiliar place, and the unfamiliar environment - communicate where it is comfortable using a mobile application or program on your computer.


галочка маленькая10. Unconditional acceptance - no advice or condemnation of your choices - you can be sure that we will together look for a solution to the problem on an equal footing, and know that I support on the way to achieving the result you want.

знак вопросаWho is not suitable for online consultations

The main obstacle is problems with the Internet or a weak (up to 130kBit / s) connection. In this case, there is no guarantee of a stable connection and there is a possibility that you will not be heard. Fortunately, now almost everyone has a stable connection, and problems are extremely rare (no more often than repairs or problems with electricity in the building where they came for an in-person meeting)

Due to the fact that communication takes place in a virtual space, due to communication interference, it can be interrupted - therefore, if you have an acute condition, online communication is undesirable. Also, if you have a psychiatric diagnosis, then you need the consent of your attending physician to this format.

For children, online is also not desirable, since not all gaming techniques work equally well (I do not work with children and specialize in working exclusively with adults, with the exception of career guidance from the age of 15).

For any therapy technique, where physical contact is necessary (I don't use such techniques)

What you need for online psychological counseling

The most important thing for online counseling is the high speed of the Internet (at least 130 kbit / s). You can check this using the "speed test" program online. You will be given the speed of your Internet for reception and transmission. Now the Internet speed is many times higher than the minimum required in most developed countries.

her way that you prefer to use - write to me about it at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It is important that at least it was voice communication. Unfortunately, I do not advise by correspondence.

Chat with a psychologist online

Unfortunately, I do not constantly consult in the chat, since there is no interactive communication and most of the intonations and meanings disappear, and therefore the quality of work is seriously reduced. Plus, writing messages requires additional time - so an hour's consultation turns into a 20 minute one. If the format of the correspondence is critically important to you and there is no way to get help in another way - write, perhaps in your case, I will make an exception.

How to sign up for an online psychological consultation

1 Step - Leave your contacts in the application (and I will contact myself) or write to me in one of the messengers "need a consultation"

Step 2 - We agree on the time of the initial free consultation (15 minutes) to get acquainted and understand the topic of the request

Step 3 - After the initial talk, you pay for the first consultation (50 minutes) and we coordinate our schedules to agree on a time.