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Online counseling

onlie psyhotherapy 7Nowadays nothing separates counseling services and clients/ Even if you on another continent, a psychologist is just a click away. Almost around the clock, you can have access to a psychologist while he is online. A private online psychologist on Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Zoom, and any other online format is as effective offline. However online mode has some limitations.

These understandable limitations connected to the inability to physically interact - which is why online psychological assistance is not as good with children and body-oriented techniques. In conversation therapy, all exercises can be easily performed without direct physical contact, so the psychologist's session will be successful.

If you read reviews of my clients, you will see excellent results and efficiency in practical application. That is why I position myself as an online psychologist. The future belongs to this format - speed, convenience, economy, and at the same time high quality of contact and speed of problem-solving.

Effectiveness of online psychologist

It's proven by research (Zurich University) that online counseling is no less effective and sometimes even better than offline sessions.

The quality of interaction is enough to provide valuable feedback and help.

My online therapy service exists to provide confidential emotional support to people that got lost in an attempt to solve issues with.

Talk with me in a secure real-time online session. Having the option of being face-to-face using a Webcam I will help you with your problems, goals, and challenges. I offer a professional approach, a warm and friendly environment for 10 years of counseling online.

Counseling services near me: benefits

  • The comfortable and familiar atmosphere for you at any time, in the early morning and late at night, and even on weekends.галочка маленькая
  • I use an efficient method of short-term online psychotherapy, where results may be evident starting from the first session.галочка маленькая
  • An excellent solution if you are extremely busy and have no time to travel to the office of the psychologist.галочка маленькая
  • You remain anonymous, 100% privacy and confidentiality, you will not meet other people.галочка маленькая
  • It's much cheaper. and faster.  You save extra time to travel and money (no travel or rent expenses)галочка маленькая
  • No problems with issues that do not allow you to attend sessions face to faceгалочка маленькая
  • Online mode is convenient when you go on a business trip or get sick. (or, for example, during quarantine) and cannot physically come to the office for an appointment.галочка маленькая
  • It's often more comfortable for shy people, as they really want to protect their borders, do not want to be recognized. I must say that I work exclusively with adults, in rare cases, I work with teenagers from the age of 15 when they can independently do their homework and fill out tests.галочка маленькая

Conclusion: online consultations can be an alternative to face-to-face meetings when you are actively moving around and are very busy or circumstances (vacation, illness, work abroad, lack of a local psychologist, limitation to travel to the local office.

Requirements for online counseling via Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Zoom, Facebook

psyholog online

For quality communication during online consultation, it is important to create comfortable conditions

t is better when you use some stand for gadgets so that your hands are free. When a psychologist speaks to you on a phone, it's better that you also see a video, online chat is not an option.

A place to talk to me should be safe, quiet, and, if possible, separate (so that people do not walk behind t, do not look at a screen, do not distract.  The fewer distractions, the better contact will be, and deeper immersion in internal processes.

The Internet must be high-speed, at least 30 kbit / s for calls, and 128 kbit / s for video calls (this can be checked with a provider). You can connect with a cable directly, via Wifi, 4G connection. 3G is less confident in keeping the connection, a 2G connection does not provide sufficient channel speed for conversation.

What can I expect from private counseling online?

Counseling sessions - meetings (online or offline) which allow you to identify disturbing situation (it is not always that obvious and clear to us) and take decision together with a consultant on how to deal with it later.

My task at this stage is to help you with the situation and find a solution. My role is not the role of a doctor or guru that prescribes you a magical solution, I'm rather a couch, equal partner that helps you to find the right strategy, that you want to implement to change the situation for the better.

coach online 2

I can help:

  • to understand the situation and find a way out of it.
  • you listen to yourself and learn the tools and strategies for self-help in the future.
  • you to understand the state of your soul and its desires.
  • you to believe in yourself and your strength.
  • find more resources in yourselves to deal with the situation.
  • get a new experience that will help you to reach success in life, love, work

I can not:

  • take responsibility for your life and your choice.
  • know what is best for you.
  • give advice.
  • evaluate your life or individual actions as an expert
  • to ensure the success of consultation.

Online appointment with a psychologist

You can order an online consultation of a psychologist by leaving a request below or immediately write "need an online counseling t" in a chat of instant messengers - Viber, Whatsapp. Telegram, Facebook messenger (you find in the contacts tab). I will answer, and we will agree on a convenient time for the initial free conversation, it can be completely anonymous.

The cost of an online consultation with a psychologist is lower than in offline sessions. Since there are no rental costs for the premises. So an online psychologist can talk inexpensively and quickly and solve the problem fast.

To find out how good a psychologist I am, read customer reviews on the link below.

Psychological services online:  3 steps to set up an appointment

Step 1 - You press the green button below and message me in one of the messengers “need an appointment”

Step 2 - We agree on the time of initial free falk (15 min) to get to know each other and understand the topic of request and format on work

Step 3 - Prepayment for the first session (45 minutes), after payment is confirmed we set up a time for a session

Clients reviews for online counseling