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Does counseling online help?

It's proven by research (Zurich University)  that online counseling is no less effective and sometimes even better than face to face sessions.

In traditional forms of therapy, the clinician is placed at the center of the healing process. Clinicians administer a treatment or play a crucial role in creating a therapeutic experience. Many forms of online psychotherapy will similarly place the therapist in a strategic position for controlling the treatment process, but in other cases, the professional may serve more like a consultant who helps a client design and navigate through a therapeutic activity or collection of activities.

In the role of an online consultant, the professional might help a client design a program of readings, activities, and social experiences that addresses his or her needs. The quality of interaction is enough to provide valuable feedback and help.

My online therapy service exists to provide confidential emotional support people that got lost in an attempt to solve issues with.

Talk with me in a secure real-time online session. Having the option of being face-to-face using a Webcam I will help you with your problems, goals, and challenges.

I offer you a warm and friendly environment to discuss and share your experiences.

Great benefits of online  sessions

  • You talk to a counselor in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere for you at any time, in the early morning and late at night and even on weekends.
  • You use an efficient method of short-term psychotherapy, where the results may be evident starting from the first session.
  • excellent solution if you are extremely busy and have no time to travel to the psychotherapist or coach.
  • You remain anonymous, you have needed extra privacy.
  • You save extra time to travel and money on gas, for appointments. 
  • No problems with issues that do not allow you to attend sessions face to face

What can I expect from the counseling session?

Counseling sessions - meetings (online or offline) which allow you to identify disturbing situation (it is not always that obvious and clear to us) and take decision together with a consultant on how to deal with it later.

My task at this stage is to help you with the situation and find a solution. My role is not the role of doctor or guru that prescribes you a magical solution, I'm rather a couch, equal partner that helps you to find the right strategy, that you want to implement to change the situation for better.

I can help:

  • to understand the situation and find a way out of it.
  • you listen to yourself and learn the tools and strategies for self-help in the future.
  • to help understand the state of your soul and its desires.
  • believe in yourself and your strength.
  • find more resources in yourselves to deal with the situation.
  • get a new experience that will help you to reach success in life, love, work 

I can not:

  • take responsibility for your life and your choice.
  • know what is best for you.
  • give advice.
  • evaluate your life or individual actions as an expert
  • to ensure the success of the consultation. 

How to start online counseling: 4 simple steps

Step 1 - you press the green button below and  message me in one of the messengers “I need an appointment”

Step 2 - we agree on the time of the initial free falk (15 min) to get to know each other and understand the topic of the request

Step 3 - Session (60 minutes) is paid only if you decide to continue. During the first session, we will understand your request and collect general information

Step 4 - If you decide to continue you pay for the first session and we plan the next one

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