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Effectiveness of EMDR therapy online

What will you choose: therapy that lasts 5-10 sessions of therapy that lasts 30-50 sessions with the same results? I’m sure that everybody who counts money will choose the first one.

ЕMDR – Еye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a short term method of psychotherapy that is widely recognized as one of the most effective ones when working with trauma.

In 2013 the World Health Organization practice guidelines stated that trauma-focused CBT and EMDR therapy are the only psychotherapies recommended for children, adolescents, and adults with PTSD "(EMDR) should be considered for people suffering from PTSD. These techniques help people reduce vivid, unwanted, repeated recollections of traumatic events. More training and supervision is recommended to make these techniques more widely available."

Who online EMDR therapy can help?

  • People with low self-esteem, high anxiety level, depression, phobias, panic attacks, sexual disorders, eating disorders;
  • Experiencing acute grief, connected with loss or sickness of the loved one, separation;
  • Dissociative disorders;
  • PTSD of violence victims, PTSD of people that have been exposed to natural disasters or other traumatic situations
  • If you been to other trauma situations – you can ask me if EMDR will work for you.

How to start online EMDR therapy: 4 simple steps

Step 1 - you press the green button below and  message me in one of the messengers “I need an appointment”

Step 2 - we agree on the time of the initial free falk (15 min) to get to know each other and understand the topic of the request

Step 3 - Session (60 minutes) is paid only if you decide to continue. During the first session, we will understand your request and collect general information

Step 4 - If you decide to continue you pay for the first session and we plan next one

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How does an online EMDR therapy work?

In the brain people process all information. Behind this lies the natural mechanism of forming neuron connections among neurons. When one experiences traumatic situation information about it is stored in the brain and after processing turns into life experience.

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Sometimes processing does not happen. If for example, traumatic experience happens in

childhood when the brain was not developed enough to successfully process it if trauma repeats or if it’s too painful to process.

In that case brain “hides” negative information and refuses to process it. This helps to survive trauma at the moment. But the information that was not processed causes ongoing agitation and activation of some brain areas (see picture below). This causes nightmares, bad memories, obsessive thoughts, and other PTSD symptoms.

Brain before EMDR /   Brain after EMDR (red areas – are ones that are activated by trauma experience)

The purpose of any psychotherapy is to help the person to elicit negative experiences from the unconscious and then process it.

Since “hidden” information causesДПДГ движения additional trauma when you elicit it, you need to spend a substantial amount of time facing resistance – the unwillingness of the brain to stir unwanted sensations. Regular psychotherapy takes a long time to gradually elicit and process information that often accompanies painful sensations.

EMDR therapy minimizes this unpleasant side of the process. Desensitization lowers sensitivity level so that brain “does not fear to process” and launches a regular processing mechanism.

Information connected with trauma with each set of motions (technic being used in EMDR) starts rapidly move in neuro paths until it will be dissolved – integrated with positive information that a person has. As the resulting person has a memory of the event but does not have a painful reaction to it anymore.

I’ve seen this wonderful method in use, and as a certified EMDR therapist recommend it to use when you need to process the traumatic experience that you have. It works well in both online and offline sessions. Contact me now to set up and appointment.

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