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EMDR therapy near me - online.

(EMDR) Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, and   CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), -  only 2 clinically proven methods in the world. It considered to be the fastest and works with trauma in a very careful way, which makes therapy less traumatic than in any other method.

EMDR works faster than CBT by 20% and at the same time minimally disturbs the client.

You will get tangible results already at the first meeting,  4 sessions needed in total, for comparison in other methods, a similar task takes from two months to a year, and in psychoanalysis - several years. For severe cases, EMDR takes up to 20 sessions.

If you have an option to work through your issue for a year or for a  month with the same quality, then you will choose EMDR since 4 sessions are enough to work through the simple case.  

 EMDR trauma therapy

Behind EMDR lies the natural mechanism of forming neuron connections.   When one experiences traumatic situation information about it is stored in the brain and after processing turns into a life experience.

Sometimes processing does not happen. If for example, a traumatic experience happens in childhood when the brain was not developed enough to successfully process it if trauma repeats or if it’s too painful to process.
Brain “hides” negative info and refuses to process it. This helps to survive trauma at the moment. But this info causes ongoing agitation and activation of some brain areas    This causes nightmares, bad memories, obsessive thoughts, and other symptoms.

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(see picture  Brain before EMDR / Brain after EMDR (red areas – activated by trauma experience)

Since “hidden” information causes additional trauma when you elicit it, you need to spend a substantial amount of time facing resistance – the unwillingness of the brain to stir unwanted sensations. Regular psychotherapy takes a long time to gradually elicit and process information that often accompanies painful sensations.

EMDR therapy minimizes this unpleasant side of the process. Desensitization lowers sensitivity level so that brain “does not fear to process” and launches a regular processing mechanism.

Information connected with trauma with each set of motions (technic being used in EMDR) starts

rapidly move in neuro paths until it will be dissolved – integrated with positive information that a person has. As a result, a person has a memory of the event but does not have a painful reaction to it anymore.

Desensitization is applied to various situations or thoughts retraining from an acute reaction to trauma to indifference.
Bilateral stimulation (when left / right hemispheres of the brain are alternately stimulated) can be done by tapping on shoulders, sound, eye movement, or other means.

Thus, the system of processing and adaptation of information is restarted to process trauma, stress, etc.

ДПДГ движения

To explain in simple words, the brain is constantly processing any information that is perceived by a person. Neural connections are responsible for this. During a traumatic experience, information also undergoes processing and is fixed in the form of experience by neural connections.

Conventional psychotherapy to process such experiences requires gradual withdrawal (i.e. speaking) and this is accompanied by repeated trauma and therefore body resists such procedures. With EMDR this effect is practically absent since there is a decreased sensitivity. And therefore, the brain is not afraid to launch mechanisms for processing experiences.

Thus, after each series of eye movements, information is painlessly integrated, dissolved, and replaced by positive information.

So the magic technique is based on the neurophysiology of the brain and there are no miracles, although results are really impressive. 

I learned this method from the best American specialists and use it successfully.

EMDR psychology recognition in the world

  • Recommended by WHO for use
  • It has a good structure and therefore quickly spreads among specialists
  • recommended in Israel as clinically proven for PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) since 2002
  • Psychiatric Association of USA recommends this method
  • US Department of Defense also selected it for PTSD therapy
  • British Institutes of Health recognized method as effective in the treatment of PTSD in adults 

When EMDR is indicated

  • If you have any traumatic experience, negative feelings, or stress.
  • shame, guilt, resentment, insecurity, low self-esteem, anxiety, stress
  • panic attacks, fears (phobias),
  • addictions, sexual disorders,
  • relationship problems, grief, loss of a loved one, divorce, separation
  • OCD, psychosomatics, insomnia
  • childhood traumas and any traumatic experiences

EMDR counseling works online

World practice confirms that online EMDR is effective if there is:

  • high-speed internet connection (stable video transmission),
  • presence of a video camera built into a laptop, phone (picture quality is not so important)
  • willingness to follow instructions
  • a safe, quiet place (no distractions like other people or animals in a room
  • skype, zoom or another program with the ability to share your screen is important here)
  • you can work only with one channel - eye movements. Since gaze slides over the monitor, there must be a screen (the phone will not work)

Benefits of EMDR

1.Results from the first meeting

2.No re-trauma

3.The scientifically proven method recommended by the World Health Organization

4. If you do not share in detail a specific situation, it works just as effectively.

EMDR online reviews of the clients